The Race Card

Why is it every time we turn around, there's another race-based incident involving Republicans and their followers?

It’s been a rough couple of days for the Republican’s race narrative.

First, you had the whole concern about the impending arrival of Hurricane Isaac and what it could do to New Orleans (and take away coverage from them). It was topped off with Rush Limbaugh suggesting that instead of sand bags, that bags of money should be sent to New Orleans, which would help “get rid of even more Democrats” who would apparently drown trying to recover the money.

Then, a new Internet meme made its way into my social media feed: The Obama “parody” poster titled “Rope,” showing the president lynched.

Excuse me while I don’t laugh at the alleged joke.

Lynchings, as a rule, not funny. I don’t remember, did the conservatives think it was funny when President George W. Bush was hung and burned in effigy during his tenure? No? Oh, and hey, those happened in other countries. This was a home-grown attack. Weren't people in the US who did that called un-American? Sorry for not having a sense of humor about it.

And finally, Tuesday night, the final indignity – an attendee at the Republican National Convention was tossed for allegedly throwing peanuts at a black camerawoman and saying “This is how we feed animals.”

That’s three strikes. You’re out.

Now, I can hear you all getting ready to fire back in the comments “I’m Republican, and I’m not racist! How dare you liberal (fill-in your favorite insult)?!?”

You’re right. You’re not a racist. (At least, I hope not). And I’d bet that a majority of registered Republicans are not. Condi Rice spoke at the convention Wednesday night. Herman Cain was considered a frontrunner at one point.

But, what’s the saying: It only takes one bad apple. And that’s at least three in the last three days. And those three are enough to cause enough distrust and anger toward the GOP.

No matter how far along we come as a society, race is still a pressing issue in this country. And argue about it all you want, but deep down, it’s still there.

There are plenty of people who are upset that there’s a black man in the White House, just because of the color of his skin (well, and his – and the rest of the government’s – job performance hasn’t done any more to change any minds). Just the same as the to a company that will turn it into a tutoring center led to racist attacks so vile they had to be removed from the story.

Race is a big deal in my household. My in-laws were both born in Central America and came here, legally, and became citizens (thanks to amnesty provided by that noted lefty Ronald Reagan). That means that my son is half Latino. He doesn’t look it. He got his daddy’s traits – so much so that people stared at my wife and son together, with one young girl asking my wife if she was the babysitter.

From the mouths of babes.

OK, I hear you again, commenters. This is just another smoke screen taking away from the real issues. The real things that need to get done in this election season.

To which I say, again: You’re right.

This hasn’t been the best four years. But to blame the entire mess on President Obama is shortsighted. This has been a long building mess that has been exacerbated by partisan politics in Washington.

Does there need to be cuts in the budget? Yes. Do we need to live within our means? Yes. Do we need to make cuts from projects across the board – including military spending? Yes. Is there a need for taxes to be raised in certain cases? Probably.

Think of it this way: If the 3.1 million millionaires in the US contributed just .5 percent of a $1 million, that’s $15.5 trillion. Yes, a drop in the bucket when it comes to the national budget. But asking a millionaire to pay an extra $5,000 doesn’t seem like it should be the backbreaker it’s being made out to be.

But, what do I know? I’m not an economist. I’m just a guy who’s tired of both sides of this mess unable to get anything done because of a territorial pissing match.

And because we’re stuck having to worry about a few bad apples that can’t or won’t join the 21st Century and recognize that it’s OK for a black person to be in the White House.

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Charles Ferrell September 16, 2012 at 02:18 PM
I have clearly touched a nerve with my comments, and quotes from the official Patch website, about the link between the Patch and the Huffington Post. The attempts from a very defensive Patch editor to separate the Patch from the Huffington Post's leadership role among AOL publications/web sites can be understood. The Huffington Post is known nationally and the Patch certainly is not. This is sad because the Patch has a far greater opportunity to provide a real service to the communities it serves, by providing an outlet for local people to comment on local and larger events, than does the Huffington Post, which is a far left liberal site that caters/panders to a far left readership and is not even held in very high esteem even among fellow mainstream media folk. It must be frustrating at times for Patch personnel, who know they are providing a better service to their communities than does the Huffington Post, has to play second fiddle or worse to the Post, and especially, I expect, to Post personnel. I had a similar experience when I was editor of a division of community (weekly) newspapers that was owned by the Hearst company, which also owned the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, then the No. 2 daily newspaper in Los Angeles and some small community daily newspapers. Our weekly division was serving our communites better than the Examiner and the other smaller dailies, but in the company pecking order, we were a distant third. I understand how defensive Patch people can get.
Charles Ferrell September 16, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Oh, by the way, although I didn't work "for" the Herald Examiner when I was managing editor of a group of community weekly newspapers in the early 1980s also owned by Hearst, I was proud of the Herald Examiner and proud to be linked to this publication. I still have my Herald Examiner belt buckle and on the wall in my office I have in a frame the last edition of the Herald Examiner with the headline So long, L.A." In the same frame is the last edition of the Chicago Daily News with its headline, "So long, Chicago". The Herald Examiner failed because it lost its longtime battle with the Los Angeles Times, once a great newspaper itself that has fallen tremendously since the Chandler sold it to the Chicago Tribune Company a few years ago.The Herald Examiner lost its battle to the Times, primarily because it decided to become LA's afternoon paper while the Times remained LA's morning newspaper. Afternoon papers failed across America, and the Herald Examiner was one of those. RIP. At least when I was with Hearst and had to play third fiddle to the Herald Examiner, especially to their personnel in meetings, social gatherings, etc., I was proud to be part of the group headed by the Herald Examiner. Patch personnel have to accept playing second fiddle to the Huffington Post, and nobody respects that website. That must be a bitter pill for Patch personnel to swallow. The Patch does a better job and does more good, but the Post heads the pecking order. I hope the Patch lasts.
Scott September 16, 2012 at 05:14 PM
"And I’d bet that a majority of registered Republicans are not. " Did you really think anyone would buy this? Everyone is a racist or bigot to some degree. This statement alone invalidates your entire monolog. You can not be so stupid on this point and have any credibility. oops im a registered republican.
Gary September 16, 2012 at 07:37 PM
@ Charles Ferrell, when you were editor of the Record Gazette, you edited all articles the way you wanted. The side you were on was the side that always got to present their side with page long quotes. The other side could go pound sand. Letters only were printed if you chose them to get printed. For ten years we only heard what you wanted us to hear. Since you were that type of editor, you think all editors are like that. They're not. About once a month we all have to witness your pathological need to denigrade the work of the editors on this site by annoucements that this site is either struggling or is part of a Huffington Post conspiracy. You do this as a lead in to your "how wonderful I was as an editor in comparison" speech. You're striking a nerve alright. You're a right pain in the asp.
Young Americans September 17, 2012 at 02:59 PM
How interesting. You received a response that is now deleted, but was in my mailbox. Someone figured out pretty quick that he just talked out of both sides of his mouth by saying that he's right when he says something and gets disagreed with, for "lies just roll off a person's back, but the truth hits a nerve." Norris hit alot of conservative nerves, alright. Don't think for a minute that slid by, buddy boy.


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