CEO For Inland Valley and Rancho Springs Medical Centers Resigns

It is not immediately clear why Rivers is leaving Southwest Healthcare System or who his replacement will be.

9/20 UPDATE: Southwest Healthcare System spokesman Paul Cox issued a statement today announcing that Sept. 21 is Ken Rivers' last day at the company. No replacement has yet been found to fill the empty CEO seat, according to today's statement.

9/19 ORIGINAL POST:Inland Valley Medical Center’s top chief is leaving his post to take a position with Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Hank Lee, CEO of CHA Health Systems in Los Angeles, confirmed the news that Southwest Healthcare System CEO Ken Rivers will lead Hollywood Presbyterian as CEO effective Oct. 1.

Southwest Healthcare System operates Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar and Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murrieta.

“He will be a major asset to us,” Lee said. “He is an extremely intelligent visionary and we’re excited to have him on board.”

CHA Health Systems operates the 434-bed Hollywood Presbyterian, as well as several hospitals in Korea and a research center in the Boston area, Lee said.

Southwest Healthcare System has been mum regarding Rivers’ departure. Repeated messages left with Southwest's media spokesman have not been returned, and at press time there have been no official public statements released on the healthcare provider’s website.

News of Rivers’ departure was publicly announced by Murrieta City Councilwoman Kelly Bennett during open session of the Sept. 18 city council meeting. Bennett thanked the CEO for his service to her community and said he will be missed.

Southwest Healthcare System has seen difficult times in recent years. Problems dating back to 2007 led to a finding by California Department of Public Health investigators that the provider was putting patient health in jeopardy. As a result, state officials threatened to pull the Southwest Healthcare's Medicare/Medicaid funding and revoke its license to operate both local hospitals. Either move would have effectively shut down the facilities.

In April 2010, then-Southwest Healthcare System CEO Dennis Knox resigned amid a flurry of criticism. Rivers, who was serving as CEO at Corona Regional Medical Center, replaced Knox.

Under Rivers, last year state investigators cleared Southwest Healthcare System after the provider took steps to improve its patient services.

It is not immediately clear what prompted Rivers to take a position with another healthcare provider or who his replacement will be Southwest Healthcare.

Universal Health Services, the umbrella over Southwest Healthcare System, is currently building another hospital in Temecula. The 140-bed acute care Temecula Valley Hospital is expected to open in mid 2013. --Maggie Avants contributed to this story.

Sierra Mist September 26, 2012 at 02:40 PM
I like the way that you made a comment about your own comment. That works. You said: Maybe you should face the fact they continue to save lives daily, that's a fact you cannot change, only in your delusions is that not a fact Answer:More bla bla bla with no facts one fact out of you would be to much to ask for your a ninny. I will add that any facts coming from you hold no merit since you work for a corrupted dump.
Sierra Mist September 26, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Ur right Bla bla bla is what those hospitals are all about a bunch of nothing but grief when lives are neglected and killed.
Sierra Mist September 26, 2012 at 02:53 PM
The horrible case I've spoke of before was of a patient who had been in good health until the sw hospital staff got a hold of them which ended their life. There was no way any person in the world could have survived that kind of treatment & I truly believe with all of my heart that was the intention of the medical staff which is absolutely beyond extremely shocking. I have always wished that someone could prove me wrong of what I saw.That somehow it was even some kind of mistake.This has so very much affected my life today. Apparently these kind of things don't effect you, that is why u take it so very lightly and find all of my pain so very entertaining & fun.My pain and this whole situation that I have experienced should not be so much fun for you.This is not normal unless you r a sw employee. There is merit behind what I write about since I am writing about what I see and I am not working for a horribly corrupted hospital.So do u not have any facts of lives' saved. Just because you say it is a fact does not make it a fact.This is especially true since you are working at a very corrupted hospital and you are a part of them which is very obvious from what you have wrote here.So anything you say has no merit.Even if there was some kind of miracle where sw become the #1 hospitals, the reputation will always follow and it should, so those lives that were taken or lost due to passive, active or severe neglect would always be honored and not thrown away like they were nothing.
Sierra Mist September 26, 2012 at 03:19 PM
@julie, It is so sad that a family of a patient maybe patient not sure (beach mom) has to ask you to please not bash her over what she has already been through because of sw hospital. Obviously she sees you as a basher. I guess for me I have had been through the worst and darkest days of my life and suffered more grief and pain than obviously you have ever known. All because of what I have seen/experienced from southwest. One good thing is it has caused me to be numb to insults where I used to actually get my feelings hurt from an insult. Now insults mean nothing compared to what I witnessed at southwest.
CalAdvocate September 26, 2012 at 09:20 PM
I suspect, as do Steve & Julie, that Sierra Mist is one of those let go as the hospital made giant strides to upgrade into new facilities and increase the patient centric care to not just meet but exceed levels of care mandated by state and federal statutes. Under virtual constant scrutiny by both state and federal agencies throughout the past two years, the hospitals have opened new ER facilities, heart, oncology and other treatment facilities and been recognized by these agencies for their scrupulous attention to patient care. Unfortunately along the way some people who couldn't upgrade their own level of performance were replaced with more qualified candidates. No facility in the country is 100% 100% of the time but the new Temecula Valley hospital will be a state of the art medical facility the citizens of Temecula have long needed and deserved. Anybody who would make a charge that medical professionals would reject a known successful treatment inn favor of a fatal course of action is either an idiot or delusional - or both. We're glad you are no longer employed by SWH and hope you are not in any patient care position anywhere around here. Now back to the original article - thanks to Ken Rivers for the exemplary job he did in our Valley. He will be missed.
Sierra Mist September 27, 2012 at 04:07 PM
southwest(advocate of destruction) is more appropriate.To southwesters. I'm speaking plain english. Is there another language that I might be able to speak in so that we can communicate more efficiently???????? I can communicate in several.Let me know which one would suit you. Aww, ok now I see it's no wonder you have not understood what I said, maybe a language barrier.Oh well, anyway since I'm here I will write to whoever and at least the english speaking people will understand. I am not a former employee no matter how much they insist I am. It would have been so much easier to be a former fired employee then witnessing a person's life being taken by hospital staff (beasts). I only wish I could trade it. I know so much about them after my experience in the hospital, witnessing the unimaginable. I've researched a lot since I was left so very traumatized and had to know everything.This was after seeing someone as healthy as the person I saw dying right in front of me after being given, yes a medicine but was poison for this patient. If the proper meds would have been used,instead of the deadly ones,then that person would be here today.The saddest thing is,staff knew exactly what they were doing & knew better, yet they chose to terminate a life. I'm not sure how they r able to live with themselves. Normal people such as myself will never understand. I cant just put it all behind me like sw staff,since I'm not corrupted.
Karen Morris September 27, 2012 at 04:07 PM
My son was taken by ambulance 3 times in one week to Inland. It was a horrible exsperience and the doctor in the ER told my son it was all in his head...he suffered for 7 months before this and could not even walk..his blood pressure was 189 over 90 and he was only 26 yrs old. One nurse named Lucky came in with no bedside manners and told my son to get up...he said he couldn't walk and Lucky said what are you an invalid? He looked like he was straight from prison. He had me thrown out when I told him my son couldn't walk and asked him where his bedside manners were. Then he and another guy put my son in a wheel chair and wheeled him out to the waiting room... after he came in by ambulance! The ER doc was so rude and told my son he was fine. I ended up taking him by ambulance to Moreno Valley hospital..they checked his vitals and could not believe for a 26 yr old..they knew something was wrong. They admitted him and treated us with so much respect. He was in for 8 days..many tests..blood tests...MRI and we found out that he has reactive arthritis...his joints were so swollen and his imflamation levels were over 200..normal is 30! I contacted Ken Rivers secretary at Inland and wrote letters about what happened. Never heard anything from them except big bills came in the mail. I have never been treated so inhuman in my life. I will never go to Inland again..or my family.
Sierra Mist September 27, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Most likely the corruption of the staff will more than likely make them immune to it all.Im thinking that sw must paid off the investigators when investigated. I assume some sort of payoffs can always make death by staff go away when such investigations by state calfornia department of health are done.They and the other investigators come out to make sure everything is fine, no matter what it takes to make it fine. Maybe using blindfolds during these investigations makes everything fine or just asking the staff is everything ok??Really, it seems dirty money corruption or even careless investigations can help get southwesters out of all kinds of trouble & keep it away, ofcourse investing money in patient care would be unheard of.Anyway something very magical happened to get them out of all the trouble. It certainly had nothing to do with cleaning up thier act, since that was never any part of the equation.What ever it may be, so interesting how they managed.This incident that I witnessed alone should have stopped them from getting their licence. At the very least, closed the doors long enough for a thorough investigation.This happened to be during their probation period. I asume that they really wanted the new wings/eqipment so badly that they were going to get them no matter what it took, all over the destruction and death of patients' lives
Sierra Mist September 27, 2012 at 04:24 PM
The magic continues on even now as they will be getting a new temecula hospital all while people are still complaining about bad patient care. Patients are even stating that speaking up to the officials will not help them after receiving bad care.They are basically saying, why bother, since the hospitals have an upper hand some how. Its all about the hospital here since patient care is no where to be found.I do have several phone contact numbers here to help patients or family with that problem on another post that is by beach moms post.I am glad that they replaced all the old staff so they say.Its hard for me to trust them because of what happened in the past. Their judgment for picking new staff leaves much to be desired from what I have observed by communication with sw staff on here.New or old it is similar. I just hope their attitudes on here are not as bad as their actions at work are. I think when people are working for corrupted facilities then most likely they are all corrupted. It goes along with the territory. I especially hope that they have replaced the killers also. I wonder where they went too?? pretty scary. I will not shut up as the staff on here has told me to. I feel that it is my duty to tell and warn the public about what I have witnessed like many others are doing by telling about their experiences.That is the only hope in protecting the public.
Sierra Mist September 27, 2012 at 04:53 PM
I also suggest when reading comments written by previous patients and familys experience of southwest that you should be sure and always read the filtered ones (the comments that are hidden) You may also notice that the staff has written some of the comments pretending to be patients.They need all the help that they can get.
Sierra Mist September 28, 2012 at 06:45 AM
I'm so sorry for all that you went through.That is such a horrible way to treat a human being. It is good that you shared,so people who have never been to these hospitals will know how awful they really are.There are some places that you can go to & make complaints. I put them on here next to beach moms comment.I think I forgot to mention the ombudsman.This is someone who can help you out with the problems and complaints in a medical facility. (1877)430-4433 This number is the national long term care ombudsmen but they may be able to tell you where you should go for help. Everyone who is having problems with these hospitals needs to complain to these places that I put up here.Some of these places will take a complaint seriously and especially if many people complain.That would be the only hope for them to change their ways.
Sierra Mist September 28, 2012 at 06:47 AM
There are some staff that I have written here that must have terrible bedside manner and no apathy what so ever, actually quite the oposite.It shows in their uncaring mean spirited attitude. I don't think that bedside manner or apathy is their forte.It is a shame because as a medical professional both apathy and bedside manner can make a world of difference for a patient and families well being during a hospital visit or stay. Somehow these staff and most of sw do not seem to get that.They must be too self centered to understand this concept.Many of these staff think that it is more important for them to be recognized and honored..They seem to be so preoccupied with that, their patient's care can suffer.They expect to be recognized for all that they do.That is great if it happens but if not they should just do their best and be proud of their own work.They just need to get a grip on reality really.
citizen September 28, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Sierra you need professional help, Sierra my question to you is what did you do for your loved one to help? Im guessing you need some one to blame through your grievance, its not right that you judge so many not directly related to your issue.
citizen September 28, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Sierra, Julie is right where's your facts? You have none, just on on and on about unrealistic ideals you have
citizen September 28, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Sierra you mentioned being self centered WOW!!! "Billion WOW!!!"
citizen September 28, 2012 at 04:02 PM
What is bedside manners???? Either your respectable or your not, the respect is mutual, the respect is mutual... "RESPECT TO BE RESPECTED."
Sierra Mist September 29, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Are you saying its my fault that this life was taken W.T.H.?????? Y because I did not have my MD degree when this happened???? I know it's a good idea for everyone to have one while coming to this hospital, but ill admit, I did not have one. I did not realize it was required, now I know better. Patient did not die on their own they had lots of help.sw never magically fixed their problems. Situations like this and others were allowed to slide by investigators that went ahead and passed sw so they could keep their license and get wings and not close doors all while sw staff continued down the road of death and destruction.The dept of health did not keep their word to the public.They had said if one more incident happened the doors would have been shut. Instead more incidents kept happening and are still going on as the investigators conveniently continue to look the other way while telling everyone the problems are solved now and everything is fine. As usual problems continue on. Apparently money and corruption is how the ultimate decision is made. I guess that is why sw is still running no matter what. Any other hospital would have closed doors long enough to at least do a thorough investigation and attempt to clean up instead of continuing to jeopardize patient's heath and lives.The only way that family can help a loved one is make sure they don't go to sw I guess.
Sierra Mist September 29, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Steve what set me off is quite obvious if you have read any of my posts. It is mentioned in many of them.If I worked there I'm sure your right, that I would have seen an endless amount or patient neglect. While I was there I saw much more than I could ever imagine.
Sierra Mist September 29, 2012 at 12:59 AM
The answer to your question. Bedside manner is a term describing how a healthcare professional handles a patient. A good bedside manner is typically one that reassures and comforts the patient. Vocal tones, body language, openness, presence, and concealment of attitude may all affect bedside manner. Poor bedside manner leaves the patient feeling unsatisfied, worried, alone, or frightened.
Beach mom September 29, 2012 at 05:07 AM
Living in this area you hear the stories. I just happened to never have heard even one. However, I have heard maybe a dozen. First hand account. Perhaps I should have heard horror malpractice stories from other hospitals or doctor groups but I haven't. I think it's a shame to try to silence Sierra Mist. Remember her right of freedom of expression? Those of us that have been effected do have a fear of telling exactly what happened to us for fear of being sued. some of us perhaps were paid to shut up. Well, hopefully someday these hospitals and doctor groups will remember their oaths. I know some do and they care. It's the other ones creating a path of destruction that can never be repaired or forgotten. They know who they are.
Beach mom September 29, 2012 at 05:12 AM
Supposed to read never heard even one good one, but perhaps a dozen bad ones. Sorry for the typos.
Sierra Mist September 30, 2012 at 06:07 PM
You are right beach mom, the staff can wreak havoc and get away with everything. It is just that simple. They can be careless, neglectful, not do their job so much as to kill someone and even down right kill someone, yet everything will always be fine for them.Who knows if they even have licenses to killpractice. I guess it would not matter.They do what they want and get away with everything unless it is something as a sponge found, they may then get a fine for that.The fine money is supposed to help improve the mistakes or abuse, but I find that hard to believe since the destruction continues on. The fine money most likely goes right back to them so they can continue to get away with everything they do. So I feel it is a duty of mine to warn everyone so they can protect themselves and their loved ones. The ones who had their lives destroyed by these tragedies will have to live with it forever as the hospital staff sees the lost and stolen lives as nothing more than trash and will continue down the path of destruction,since they can and don't care.To the rest of us, as you also said,the horror of lost//stolen lives by staff and the tragedies of these survivors broken lives will never be forgotten. I still believe patients and family should always report their complaints no matter how hopeless it may seem. I have a list up here to report complaints to.At least continue to get the word out.
Sierra Mist September 30, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Here is the list again,some other contacts to start you off with if the link I gave you does not work The California Department of Public Health (909) 388-7170 The Medical Board for a complaint against a doctor or doctors (1800) 633-2322 web site is www.mbc.ca.gov The Nursing Board for a complaint against a nurse or nurses.(916) 322-3350 The Joint Commission hospital complaint 1800-994-6610 medicare I think this is the group who can investigate medical facilities especially if the department of health is not helping you. 800-365-5899
citizen October 05, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Sierra you say you watched a horrible ordeal take place why didn't you step in as advocate? That concerns me about you.
Sierra Mist October 07, 2012 at 05:26 AM
That is easier said than done.
citizen October 09, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Sierra you have enough sense to blog about the reputation of workers and hospitals, but not enough enthusiasm to ask ?s or act upon the behalf of relative/patient.
Beach mom October 09, 2012 at 07:08 AM
Did Ken Rivers ever make a statement ?
Sierra Mist October 09, 2012 at 05:50 PM
I found out about where patients and family can turn to for help when disaster strikes while at the hospital or other medical facilities after the fact. I actually did not know what to do at the time since I did not even realize that such horror even existed at a hospital. I was in so much shock as to what was happening and it was not even a believable situation as to what the staff was doing. Asking questions or acting upon at these hospitals was completely useless and impossible for me,it did not work.Maybe sometimes it works you can always try.Most of the time you will need the help of an outside source. Maybe a hospital ombudsman if they are not paid by southwest. Anyway unless you know the hell that I have been through and still am in by my time spent at southwest and walked and are walking in my shoes,how are you even in the position to say anything about what I should of or could have done???? You have no clue as to what I have been through or what was going on at the time, think about it.Your thoughtless mean spirited comments do not make any sense unless you are trying to rub salt in the wound as the expression goes. I already have survivors guilt even though there was nothing I could have done to stop the killing of this patient. The only ones that would have been able to stop it is the staff by just showing some mercy,but they did not want to.
citizen October 09, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Sierra again you speak with no facts!!! Just disrespectful comments about people and company. Just put it to rest you'll be a much happier individual. Sierra blahhhhhhh blahhhhhh I'm waiting for something intelligent to come out...
Sierra Mist October 10, 2012 at 04:14 AM
Southwest staff does much more than disrespect patients.That would be the least of their problems. I could deal with their disrespect if they would always put plenty of effort into saving lives and not put lives into such terrible danger by what they do.It can't get any worse than that.That is the ultimate disrespect disgrace and dishonoring of a patient and family that they can do.This is especially true when I had to experience all of this right in front of my face. Between the two southwest hospitals,sw staff put people in life threatening danger and life is taken.There was no reason for this. I witnessed a life being destroyed/taken which does not include the family and friends of this person. I also saw life put into terrible danger.This may not happen all the time, with every patient but all that I saw was way more than enough for me or any other normal human being to have to deal with.If it had been some kind of accident it would have been easier to understand, but that was not the case. What kind of facts do you want. Unless you are a lawyer or detective I don't think that me telling you all the facts will help you much. I have already wrote about what happened. I will never give this a rest since this is now a very big horrific part of my life. I therefore feel it is my obligation to never let this rest and warn people of the terrible danger of southwest.


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