Whopper of a Deal: 55 Cent Burgers For Anniversary

In honor of the celebration, the Burger King chain is offering the deal nationwide if you buy one, you'll get second free.

OK, it's not Friday, yet but ... Whether you like your Whopper with just ketchup or loaded with the works, you can have it your way for 55 cents starting Thursday through Friday at Burger King.

In honor of the 55th Anniversary of the iconic Whopper, Burger King nationwide  is offering the mouthwatering deal! Enjoy an Original Whopper for just 55 cents, when you purchase any Whopper, including the new Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper or the spicy Angry Whopper, available for a limited-time-only.

“Burger King is very excited to celebrate this amazing milestone with the Whopper lovers who have helped make it an American icon,” said Flavia Faugeres, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer, Burger King Worldwide in a statement. “For 55 years it’s been a fan favorite, and this weekend we encourage our guests to stop by and join in on the celebration.”

To celebrate its 55 year anniversary,  this is the limited-time-only Whoppers menu being offered:

  • Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper: Prepared with fire-grilled, USDA-certified ground beef, topped with thick-cut hardwood smoked bacon, natural Wisconsin white cheddar cheese, juicy tomatoes, freshly cut lettuce, crunchy pickle slices, sliced red onions, all on a toasted sesame seed bun. Also available as a Whopper JR. Sandwich. (Suggested retail price starts at $4.49 and $2.19 respectively).
  •   Angry Whopper :  Prepared with fire-grilled, USDA-certified ground beef, thick-cut hardwood smoked bacon, melted Habanero cheese, jalapeño slices, spicy onion petals, red ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce and angry sauce, all served on a toasted sesame seed bun. Also available as a Whopper JR. Sandwich. (Suggested retail price starts at $4.49 and $2.19 respectively).
  • Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries: A new “twist” on the popular sweet potato fries seasoned  with a blend of spices and served hot and fresh. (Suggested retail price starts at $1.89).

Prices and participation may vary; the Whopper JR sandwich is not included in this promotion.

Diana December 06, 2012 at 10:17 PM
If you want fresh go early BK only cooks their patties in the morning and in the evening and microwave them for your order.
censored messenger December 06, 2012 at 11:40 PM
I was at the Murrieta BK the last time they had deals like this. Took a few looks around at the people in the line and head straight back to my car.....omg! Have it YOUR way! LOL
Constant Comment December 07, 2012 at 05:06 AM
I'm sure it only costs 25 cents to inject a vial of fat directly into your veins. Why mess around? }~)
TheMick December 08, 2012 at 12:16 AM
one voice-just another example of the fact that you cant believe what you read on the internet.... Truth is the patties are cooked throughout the day. If extras are made, they are put into a steamer for a short time. if too much time goes by, they are thrown away. If you really want "fresh" all you have to do is ask for it off the broiler....


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