New Online Tool Shows Job Opportunities In Lake Elsinore And Wildomar

Lake Elsinore and Wildomar job seekers now have another online tool to help find work.

Lake Elsinore has 140 job openings citywide and Wildomar has 164, according to a new website launched by the county.

The Riverside County Economic Development Agency, along with the Workforce Investment Boards of Riverside and San Bernardino counties, debuted the site -- www.usworks.com/InlandEmpire -- earlier this week.

The site offers information on a range of labor-related topics for job seekers who want to find out who is hiring.

The site also offers data on:  
   -- Average salaries for blue- and white-collar occupations;
   -- highest-paying jobs;
   -- hiring trends per industry;
   -- fastest-growing professional fields; and,
   -- what jobs will be most in demand in the future.

The data was collected following a months-long survey commissioned by
the agencies and conducted by Albuquerque-based ERISS Corporation, which packaged the results in an interactive application that allows visitors to research.

"In the current economy, employers are having more and more difficulty
finding good people with the job skills they need,'' said Felicia Flournoy,
executive director of the Riverside County Workforce Investment Board.
"The data from this survey will allow us to do a better job of matching
employers with qualified job candidates and determine which training programs should receive priority.''

According to the website, Wildomar’s Inland Valley Medical Center is the largest employer in the Wildomar/Lake Elsinore area, with more than 500 employees. --City News Service and Toni McAllister contributed to this report.

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