Having Parks In Wildomar Starts With You

Let's plant the seed of "Parks" in Wildomar and watch them grow. Vote YES on Z!

Currently Wildomar has one full-sized park and two smaller parks. Each of our neighboring communities started at about the same level.

While Wildomar's "Parks Per 1,000 Residents" is very low, closing all of the parks would be even less.

The citizens of Wildomar need to decide if they want parks for their children and their community or not. Voting YES on Z will keep our three existing parks open. Voting YES On Z will provide a starting point for parks in our community to grow from. Voting YES On Z will provide clean restrooms at our parks, safe equipment for the children to play on as well as security and safety lighting at our parks.

Cost is not the issue, at the equivalent of one large soda at Jack in the Box per month, we can start a park and recreation system here in Wildomar, that like a seed will grow.

Do we have as many parks as our neighbors, no, but without passing Measure Z we will have no parks. Do we want to live in "The only city without city parks?" N0.

We need to invest in our children and our community and that cost is very minimal. Please vote YES on Parks. Vote YES on Z!

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justme October 23, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Martha, once you post a blog that can be commented on then you can comment on other blogs. Part of trying to get something to pass/not is also being open to debating it. It is who we are. If you can't take the debate, don't post. The instant I see a blog that has been shut down for comments, I simply click back and move on. I don't need someone TELLING/ORDERING me what to do. I will listen to suggestion, I will listen to opinion. But when you post something like your last blog, basically demanding people to vote your way and not opening to comments just makes you even more of a joke. Besides, you are the absolute best thing for the Yes on Z people and being that I too am voting yes on Z - keep up the good work!
Ken Mayes October 23, 2012 at 11:58 PM
The voters in Wildomar have spoken twice about funding parks, once in 2000 and again in 2011. How many times do we need to say no. As to the yes vote in 2006 which left out half of the community when LMD 2006-1 was formed, a rigged vote, just like the attempt discuss by the Blue Ribbon Committee to give seniors an out of the Mello-Roos called measure D. As to available park land, since 1980 there have been almost 9,000 housing units built in Wildomar, the Quimby Act being passes in 1975 with a standard of 3 acres per 1000 population and fees being collected or in-lieu land dedications to provide land I would think the fault lies primarily with the county for failing the people of the community in providing the necessary acreage which should have amounted to around 90 acres. The people of this community that truly wanted parks had every opportunity the accomplish this goal with the advent of WFFP but failed to put for the effort, one because the organization was poorly put together, two because the people that would use the parks live well beyond walking distance to the available park kept open and thirdly because they only care if someone else is footing the bill. As to Martha closing her blogs to comments, its her right to comment without being lambasted with halve truths.
Constant Comment October 25, 2012 at 04:27 AM
Yeah Marfa! Vote yes on Measure Z ! Keep up the good work John Lloyd! }~)
Terry Bye November 03, 2012 at 07:48 PM
I see everyone here is missing what's really happening here in Wildomar as Parks should be placed on the back burnrer. I recently found out that we have only One Police Officer (RCS) on duty during theDay and at Night, and No Lake Elsinore can't always back them up. What the City has done is put those officers lives at extreme risk. We had an incident this summer with loud music that began at 11:30 AM on a Saturday and LOUD it was several attemps to talk with the Home owner asking to turn it down went on deft ears and only escalated it,this continued until 5:30 AM Sunday. Yes we did call The Wildomar Police and the never responded we were not the only ones as well over 18 call's made, deputies were dispatched to high priority calls, understandable only followup the next day could be made. Last Sunday our Home was burgalarized while we were next door at our neighbors BBQ, we called at 7:30 and the Deputy arrived 11PM apologetic and he looked wore out and explained the shortage of manpower before he could even complete our report he was dispatched to another high priority call leaving us a little stunned because of his rush. I called the following day to get a report No. to give my insurance co. The City need's to Focus on the Security of it's citizens and the safety of the officers before you can even consider a park!. You can't provide adequate protection for neighborhoods how can you do it for park's?. You put the cart before the horse, crime wont attract Home Sales.
Terry Bye November 03, 2012 at 07:56 PM
I would also like to add the Deputies we have are outstanding! I only wish we had more for my familys safety and theirs.


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