L.E. Chamber are they overpaid?

I have been thinking about the Lake Elsinore's Chamber of Commerce and all the money we give them to promote/advertise our city.   My question are they being over paid?
Mindful Macey May 17, 2014 at 10:25 AM
I don't know how much the make but I know there is absolutely no reason this lake isn't booming, clean with multi-million dollar homes in the area. It's a lake resort that has never seen it's potential. Home values are threatened by crime, homeless, hookers, drug addicts and homes that are falling down. Drive through LE and just count the homes that aren't suited for anyone to live in them. We'll see what the Mayor and the council does in the coming years, unless they kick into a much higher gear, they are not getting ahead of it, this lake is a gold mind that is sitting in a pawn shop.
Mindful Macey May 17, 2014 at 12:15 PM
@cliff what I'm saying is they should enforce the code and make people clean up their properties. Some look so bad I wouldn't let my cat live there. Have you seen the price of small 2 bedroom, 2 bath homes in a nice area? Enforce code and clean up the city is what I'm saying CLIFF. If someone wants to leave a broken down car in their yard, crap everywhere, do you really think that helps home values? Those crappy homes attract more people who like crap hence leading to a downfall of what could be a booming resort town. If you don't see the potential of this area and the obvious problems, I'm sorry but you are either blind are part of the problem. Clean up your yard!
Ken Mayes May 17, 2014 at 03:30 PM
Mindful Macey - you must be smoking the same stuff the two want-a-be real estate tycoons were smoking 131 years ago when they bought Rancho La Laguna with the hopes of suckering in folks from the mid-west and east with tales of a tropical paradise. Turned out the water in the lake was so bad that even calvary mules wouldn't drink it. Livestock were grazed elsewhere in the valley and then the lake started drying up to the point that Franklin Heald was sneaking out a night cutting the tops off of submerged trees so potential land buyers wouldn't know. Along came the rains and washed them all about, including the railroad. Lake Elsinore has the potential of providing weekend recreation for those that enjoy sports that can not be done in a populated area such as skydiving, motocross, water skiing, etc. The problem with million dollar homes is that the people who work at providing those activities can't afford to live in them so back to the coast an take Cliff with you.


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