Renee the old folks from Hement are spammering some more

Renee I think you is a nice person and all and I can see that you is as sickumfied as the rester us is that JordyGilLER keeps thumbering his nose at you.

I no that you has band him more than twice and he keeps comering back like a bad case of the Herps.

I was gonna reposter my blogger because he keeps reposter his blogger but I think the other Patchers is sicker it all.

His blogger is full of lyes and he noes it and yet he is enjoyering having his way  at you expenses.

Please think about dealering with this. even if Hestrin gets electured he aint gonna have time to put the Wildomar crooks in prison and deal with the fool I is talkering about.

Hope you is havering a great Memorial Day weekender.

You gooderest friend Rae Anne Resident.
Rae Anne Resident May 26, 2014 at 09:56 AM
Well I gonna be dipt in bacon grease and rolled in the pasture. sister Matha done self glinched her own commet. that sickumfies me when that happens just as the conversating was gettering good. I guess she forgotted that today was her day to sit in quiet contempeltion since that is how she oserves memorable day and all.
Martha L. Bridges May 28, 2014 at 03:03 AM
Yea, you sure do get things all mixed up. When did that start happening? Sounds like you may have fallen into a great big wave and gotten whack on the head by a surf board pretty hard.


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