Sickermore Acadermy

are counselors look like sheeps but they is really wolfs looking at you bankercount
are counselors look like sheeps but they is really wolfs looking at you bankercount

We need more of Wildomar Magerzines kean insites.


he is trying to alernt everone about a terribel injuster when it comes to a inside dealings with some chartered school in Wildomar.

Please reader it all for youself at Wildomar Magerzine.


this is a grate quote from it if you is to lazy to clicker the link.

The question is, does anyone in the City of Wildomar have any questions for your City Council?If not, please meekly and quietly return to your Facebook page and prepare for your next happy park event.


They is nothing but a buncher fools that is running Wildomar and they is looking for more ways to nickel and dime us all to death with one silly thing or the nother.

Why do we need another school in this town. it just gonna encorage more familys to move here and built more houses.

I is gonna go to the happy park event this Saturnday May 24th at Marna park just so I can go and lear at all the fools acting like they is havering a good time.

Rember to read the only thing worth reading when it comes to Wildomar and espeshily if you hate the stoops and the morons like all the smarterest peopel do.


Rae Anne Resident May 24, 2014 at 10:37 AM
You is going to the Marna park to. I guess if I smell devil weed I gonna noed you is near by. just dont come up to a old lady wearing a long dress with a big straw hat and glasses cause I dont want to meet you or any of the other stoops or morons.
Rae Anne Resident May 24, 2014 at 10:46 AM
I keep getting up dates saying that sister Matha is trying to poster a commet but it isnt showing up. Sister Matha Patch is still glinchey when you post a commet to a commet. just post it here we is desprate to read what you has in mind.


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