Sorry Sharon Aids but no

Im madder than the dickends
Im madder than the dickends

So last nite I had to read a fraudifull atack by newerest Hemetonian Sharon Aids.

She claimers that I say she sues peopel for money. I never said such things. I has no idea if she sues for the fun of it or for the money that is between her and her many lawsuits.

Here is what her wrotted on my blogger yesterday nite.

WHAT?? May 15, 2014 at 11:25 PM @ Joseph Morabito aka Cliff & Rae Anne aka several other names (not mentioned here): Unless you've downloaded all the information on these lawsuits and have digested it, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Many people in Wildomar are thankful that people not on the Council are looking out for the community. As for your comment about the litigants making money, put YOUR money where your mouth is and provide some proof. It ain't happening. Sheryl Ade, Former Wildomar City Council Member

This is what I respondered to her.

I aint never said you do jack diddly squat. no one cares what you think that is why you dont work here no more. you say you is former Wildomar city counselor but that aint quite wright. Scott Farmer is a former city counselor you is a rejectered city conselor flatter out no to ways about it. I bean called Hiddell, Joe Moranbito, Roberto, LER DB, Bd LotsaSheila, ChrisG and now that surfing fool Cliff. I can be all you want me to be.  I aint bothers in the least. Rae Anne Resident currant wrighter of this blog.
oh and you is not reading for gooder. I was thanking the sweet lord that you is sueing the shintz out of the city. hoperfly you can help kill this city like you is trying and we can live the good life as the county again. is that straiter enough fer ya.

For all you surelocks and one eyered columbos out there I suggester you stick to the issues like Renee says. those that talk about the peopel and not the topics is just empty headers.

I seed Blue777 say some thing nice. thank you. you is oviously a stand up guy and I sorry that nefew Gil still is calling you names.
KELLY D. DIVINE May 16, 2014 at 11:37 PM


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