800 Sheriff's Department Employees to Get Pink Slip

The layoffs are the result of county-wide budget cuts.

As many as 800 jobs could be cut from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, according to a sheriff's official.

Under the Riverside County Board of Supervisors' proposed budget, Sheriff Stanley Sniff is prepared to send out 800 layoff notices starting July 1, according to sheriff's Cpl. Courtney Donowho.

"The first wave of layoffs will involve 100 deputy sheriffs and correctional deputies that will end their duties on July 13th,'' Donowho said, adding that notifications have already started to go out to the County HR Director and to the labor organization representing those staff members.

Notices to individual deputies will go out May 16, the corporal said.

Cities like Temecula that contract with the sheriff's department for policing services will not be directly impacted by the cuts, because "they do not involve net county costs,'' Donowho said.

The possibility of layoffs was the subject of a memo sent out to sheriff's employees Friday.

The personnel cuts on the table would be unprecedented, and they could not have come at a worse time, said Pat McNamara, the head of the 3,500-member Riverside Sheriff's Association.

"If any significant layoffs take place, it's going to be devastating,'' he said. "Any amount of cuts in the law enforcement force is going to degrade public safety. Four hundred layoffs would be devastating, in our estimation, to sheriff's operations."

City News Service contributed to this report.

TVOR May 16, 2011 at 03:08 AM
I too have been pulled over a number of times and I have had some officers who were polite and professional, and I have had a couple who seemed to be having a bad day but were, nontheless, professional. I'm about 50/50 on warnings versus tickets. I have to say I have never been pulled over when I didn't violate some traffic law. Sometimes you get caught, that's just how it goes.
Road Crew May 16, 2011 at 06:19 AM
There are good and bad elements to absolutely every organization on the face of the planet (just look at the predetor priests issue). The vast majority of cops are regular people trying to do a difficult job: no one calls 911 when everything's going great, we call when we're having the worst day of our lives. I was robbed at an ATM in Temecula. The Deputy who responded was professional and polite. They stopped the guys who robbed me in Perris and arrested them. After my crime the Deputy probably had to respond to other calls where people are angry, violent, hostile, or just plain upset. Try to cut them some slack. What country's cops would you rather have? Mexicos? Libyas? Syrias? Russias?
It's about the kids May 16, 2011 at 02:24 PM
TVOR, yes, the budget includes cuts to fire protection for a 5th straight year and cuts to firefighters positions also (even after a agreement for pension reform). There needs to be a priority in spending that mainatins basic public safety, and they need to attract and maintain business/jobs in the county. The public's safety is placed at risk, and it is mianly because the basic worker - rank & file patrol deputy or firefighter is eliminated, often the top is not cut. I understand some had bad experiences with some officers/deputies, but why toss our safety out because of the bad service of a few. No one is asking for more money, the firefighters agreed topension reform last year even, yet we continue to see our public safety cuts back.
Lane May 18, 2011 at 01:01 AM
All I can say is that karma is going to get Riverside county for this shit. There already is too much crime in that shit hole county, but to fire the people that protect us? Wow. Whats that .60 cops per inmate??? WTF. Thanks for screwing over my family of four who depends on our only working parent who you just pink slipped. Fuck you Riverside county.
Harold Sharpe June 05, 2011 at 05:02 AM
I support our Sheriffs Deputies. However I do not support the union who is not negotiating in the deputies best interest. The union has failed our Deputies due to retirement packages that are excessive. The county has been paying out on a basis that the county would continue to grow and prosper like a pyramid scheme. The Pyramid is at a halt so something has got to give. The Union did not have to make the selection of pick slipping deputies. They could have made a consession of a fair retirement program but that was not good enough. Instead, the union has asked its members to make a very public layoffs and to intimidate some of its citizens with a slow response. FYI threatening in a manner is a close version of extortion. Now, some Deputies who have served us well, who are like family members to the other deputies, who are there for one another to keep each other alive and well, are asked to leave on a terrible principle. The layoffs will not end anytime soon as the PERS system / retirement was way out of whack. I ask you all to think about one thing here,... Does the average person who works in Riverside county who works in the private sector get any benefits other than a wage? No. Why should those who work in the PUBLIC sector get paid better by our tax dollars? I know the fine deputies strap on a duty belt, a bullet proof vest, a gun, a badge, and try hard. They are expected to make all sorts of decisions in a heartbeat. Blame the Union, Not the Deputies.


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