Cardenas Market: Scene Of Another Mishap

A clerk at the family owned grocery store did not elaborate on crash specifics, but told Patch “everything is fine.”

The driver of a white four-sedan Nissan created an unintended parking space at Cardenas Market in Lake Elsinore Monday, a Patch reader has reported.

The attached photos were snapped this morning by the reader. According to the Citizen Reporter, the Nissan’s driver appeared to be uninjured from the crash but was being evaluated by first responders for other possible medical issues.

During the crash the car’s front bumper was sheared from the vehicle, according to the Citizen Reporter.

Damage to the newly opened Cardenas Market on Mission Trail is unclear. A clerk at the family owned grocery store did not elaborate on crash specifics, but told Patch Monday afternoon “everything is fine.”

Cardenas was the site of another crash last month in which a Budweiser truck accidently clipped a nearby fire hydrant, sending water shooting into the air. That inadvertent mishap triggered a minor flood situation that temporarily forced the closure of Mission Trail.

Cardenas Market opened at its current 24,400-square-foot location on Mission Trail in April.

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