CHP To Crack Down On Distracted Teen Driving

"Statistics show that teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to be involved in crashes because they lack driving experience and tend to take greater risks."

The CHP will be cracking down Jan. 27 on distracted teen drivers.

CHP offices throughout Southern California will be out in force Friday strictly enforcing the cell phone, texting, and distracted driving laws that pertain to teens, according to a CHP statement released today. 

"Teen drivers are vulnerable to driving distractions, which increase the chance of getting involved in serious vehicle crashes. Even with a parent in the car, teens engage in bad behaviors, such as talking on their cell phones and eating or drinking while driving," according to the CHP statement.

Watch the attached video to see a group of teens at Temescal Canyon High School undergo a CHP-led program aimed at curbing distracted driving.

"Statistics show that teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to be involved in crashes because they lack driving experience and tend to take greater risks," the statement read.

It is illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to drive a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone, even if its equipped with a hands-free device.





UNCLE FESTER January 27, 2012 at 04:18 PM
REALLY !?!?!?!? ya think !?!?!? IM ON ROAD EVERYDAY.. ALL DAY... and what do i see ?, 8 out of 10 drivers flapping their lips on the phone or texting. and i dont mean with a "hands free device" but, with the phone right up in left window (IN PLAIN SITE!) stuffed right in their ear ! and by the way, for those of you dont understand simple english, HOLDING THE CELL PHONE LIKE A WALKIE TALKIE IS NOT HANDS FREE !!! from what i see nearly everyday, 98% of those drivers should be home painting the cat with a grenade! by the way they drive while talking, they cant chew gum and walk at the same time either ! as far as this article goes, its been the same since day one.. teen drivers have always been a "bad risk" since they have no real time behind the wheel experience. this is NOT a new development ! IF THEY WANT TO MAKE THINGS SAFER ON THE ROADS, THEY NEED TO REMOVE SOME OF THE ELDERLY DRIVERS WHO CANT COMPREHEND THE SPEED OR CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE TRAFFIC STACKED UP BEHIND THEM. i am not picking on them by any means. some of them are a huge risk to us AND them selves and its time to park the car for good. most teenagers will eventually be better driver in time. like anything else, practice make perfect..we can only hope.
Diana January 27, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Well said Jam, there is not a day goes by that I don't see at least 10 people talking on the phone while driving...as usual the laws are for everyone else to abide by. What the hell is so important that everyone has to have a cell phone stuck in their ear while they drive, shop or eat............really are you kidding me...like we all want to hear your conversation while we're trying to have a relaxing meal somewhere or better yet, they can't push a shopping cart and talk on the phone either and then they want to try driving a car and talking to..........it's just not teens it is every age that can't do two things at once...........the freeways.....you're stuck behind someone doing 50MPH.why.....because she's got a phone stuck to the side of her head.........come on people..wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UNCLE FESTER January 28, 2012 at 05:18 AM
teaching the kids is a great idea. too bad its just like when their parents tell them not to do something--- in one ear, out the other.... but thats ok.. you go ahead and waste a little more time on what you cant ever change until you make the fines so severe, they MIGHT LISTEN TO WHAT YOURE SAYING... in the mean time, be prepared to see more accidents involving talking/texting teens and some adults.. i had to buy a hands free device like i have to pay for tags.. its the law... yet i see more and more people talking instead of driving. holding the phone like that doesnt count... maybe its time to teach some of these kids manners, tact and control of their nasty attitudes and quick tempered lips... when most of the crowd out there over 35 grew up, we were never allowed to "talk-back" to our elders the way these kids do.. teach them something useful...


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