Drunken Driver Crashes At Terra Cotta Middle School

Saul Pena Preciado was booked into the Southwest Detention Center after being treated for injuries following the crash Sunday.

A 21-year-old Lake Elsinore man suspected of drunken driving allegedly caused his Ford F-150 to swerve across traffic, jump the curb and become wedged between a block wall of a school and a utility pole.

Saul Pena Preciado was treated for minor injuries and booked into the Southwest Detention Center on suspicion of DUI, according to sheriff’s Sgt. David Sanches.

The crash occurred shortly before 7 a.m. Sunday at Lakeshore Drive near Lake Street, according to Sanches.

Witnesses told investigators that the pickup truck was making a right turn to Lake Street, when it struck the center divider and damaged a road sign, Sanches said.

The pickup then veered across all lanes of traffic on the west side, jumped the curb and was wedged between a wall at the and the pole, the sergeant said.

No one was hurt but about 30 students in a nearby building were released to their parents at a park adjacent to the school.

There were no outages caused by the crash and the utility pole needed no repairs, Sanches said.


Gerald E. Hall Jr. June 14, 2011 at 12:06 AM
A drunk driver at 7:00 AM ??????? Thank God school is out for the summer. kids would surely been coming to school at that time.
samantha June 14, 2011 at 05:46 AM
This is the saddest story i have seen this week , i understand that there could have been injuries to others such as, students But in my opinion this could have happened to anyone the punishment hes going to face is unfair for the most part, Most poeple that has had a car accident while being drunk only go to jail for about 3 days at most a week why should it be different with this young man? Im sure it was not intensionally , i think he deserves to have that right to be free as well as others get to go free. its just so unfair ! I would hate too see the look in his family's face especially if he has children.I was really heart broken when i saw this accident becuase i even felt the pain that hes going threw.


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