Most 'Horrific' Case Of Animal Cruelty Ever Encountered, Wildomar Official Says Of Ongoing Investigation

“What we saw was horrific animal conditions involving thousands of dead animals in various states of decay as well as dying in their enclosures," said Willa Bagwell, executive director of Wildomar-based Animal Friends of the Valleys.

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The City of Lake Elsinore is reporting that a widespread effort is underway to deal with the thousands of reptiles and rodents being analyzed as a result of an investigation into alleged malpractices at Global Captive Breeders on Third Street.

“Since initial inspections of possible animal neglect/cruelty at Global Captive Breeders [in Lake Elsinore], Animal Friends of the Valleys, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Marin Humane Society, and other animal control agencies from around the United States have been working continuously to identify, catalog, and asses the health and wellbeing of the company’s animals,” said Justin Carlson, spokesman for the City of Lake Elsinore.

Willa Bagwell, executive director of Wildomar-based said when officials the situation was dire.

“What we saw was horrific animal conditions involving thousands of dead animals in various states of decay as well as dying in their enclosures. In my 25 years of conducting animal control this is the most horrific case of animal cruelty, neglect, and suffering that I have encountered,” she said.

As of noon Monday, approximately 600 reptiles and 18,400 rodents had been identified and assessed by a team of veterinary experts, rat and reptile specialists, and animal cruelty investigation professionals, Carlson said.

“We are continuing to inventory and evaluate the rodent population. The reptile counts have been confirmed and we continue to assess their situation as well,” Bagwell said.   

Carlson said an investigation into the facility began Dec. 7 after the city received a complaint. Additionally, Carlson said PETA contacted the city with “serious concerns related to the facility.”

 “The animals in question are exotic snakes and other types of reptiles as well as rodents,” Carlson said.

The local phone number for Global Captive Breeders has been disconnected and calls to the company’s Orange County office have not been returned.

According to its website, Global Captive Breeders in Lake Elsinore is “state of the art,” with over 6,100 square feet of space where animals are housed and bred to be sold to the public.

Among the snakes the company breeds are various boas, pythons, colubrids and others; some of the animals are "wild caught," according to the Global Captive Breeders website.

Andy Gustafson December 19, 2012 at 04:10 AM
How is this different than animal raised for meat and dairy? They are subjected to, on the whole, many of the same conditions involving abuse and neglect that these animals were. Egg laying hens fall through their cages and rot alive in manure pits. Baby male chicks are GROUND UP ALIVE for feed. Millions of animals die in intensive agriculture due to receiving no treatment for their ailments. You could walk onto any factory farm and find rotting corpses and slowly dying animals in garbage cans all over the country. How is this not the exact same thing as any other form of abuse? How are people who eat animals any different from these animal abusers? They pay someone else to abuse and kill animals for them. There is no difference.
REAL Native American December 19, 2012 at 08:17 AM
the owner is supposedly wealthy and lives in orange county,
Thunder December 19, 2012 at 09:50 PM
to starve a cow to death that you plan to eat would just be stupid. i scrawny cow doesn't get any money at the market so it is the owners interest to keep it at maximum health.
anonymous December 20, 2012 at 06:42 AM
there experts onsite admitted to not even being able to identify most of the animals. So killing them all is the answer right??.....I have been to the facility myself, and the majority of the animals were in fine health.Yes, they were dirty butt did not deserve death! The man in charge of them....... his name was Toffer (the under cover PETA agent!) that let some of the animals get to deplorable conditions then took video as if he just found them like that.He was in charge of their care for over two months!!!! How is it that he is the one turning in the evidence??? Maybe PETA should have been more concerned about taking care of the animals instead of taking videos and watching these animals suffer then euthanizing them all. Very sad..............
Charles W Lewis December 28, 2012 at 10:36 AM
Animals should not be killed.If this continues then one day species of many animals will be extinct. _______________________________________________ http://www.comvita.co.nz/


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