[PHOTOS] Sheriff's K9 Sports Her Cast After Shooting, Recovery 'Promising'

Sheriff's officials thank everyone who has sent their regards to Tessa.

Photo courtesy: Riverside County Sheriff's Department.
Photo courtesy: Riverside County Sheriff's Department.
A Riverside County sheriff's K9 who was accidentally shot while on duty this weekend is home recovering, but the agency is hopeful she'll eventually be able to return to work.
Tessa, a Belgian Malinois who is about six-years-old, is based out of the Lake Elsinore sheriff's station along with her handler Deputy Kari Cranfill.  She's been with the station since November 2010.

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On Friday, Tessa was hit by friendly fire when a dog described as a "large pit bull" jumped out of an open window and attacked her while she was searching for a suspect in the Lakeland Village area, according to sheriff's Spokesman Deputy Albert Martinez.
To stop the attack, a deputy shot at the pit bull, but one of the rounds also struck Tessa in the right paw, Martinez said.  She was taken to a local veterinarian for surgery.
"Tessa’s recovery is promising and, with luck and healing, she should be able to return to work," Martinez said in a social media post.  "Tessa spent Saturday night at the veterinarian’s office, but is now home with Deputy Cranfill, no doubt being spoiled!" 
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Susan Down June 18, 2014 at 04:19 PM
Gotta love the curbside journalists. There are no "two sides". The police K-9 was injured...and that is the story. If anything, blame the suspect they were searching for in the first place...or the jerk who sprung the attack dog out the window. We can go on ad infinitum about all the "good" that criminals bring to the table...
jim Ziegler June 19, 2014 at 04:07 PM
What makes you so shore anybody sprung the pit out the window . My pit would have done the same thing ,protecting his house and the people in it that's why you have a dog like that.the. cop shoot his Owen dog , it's the lame ass cops fault for running into someones fenced yard , looking for a homeless person , the dident pay a fine , or something miner. So a good pit lost his sole over nothing but what he new , to protect his house . And owner .
Heather Newman June 20, 2014 at 05:33 AM
Jim, do you know for certain that 1. the owner did NOT sic the dog, 2. the officer is wrong for going into the yard, 3. the offense was minor, 4. the dog that attacked was good or was even a pit ("was described as a large Pit bull") (people notoriously call any thick bully type breed including mastiffs and boxers pit bulls), 5. that the deceased dog even has a soul? I have no knowldge or opinion on this, just pointing out that people sure are quick to spout out opinion as though it were fact.


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