Clinton Keith Bridge In Wildomar To Be Widened

If supervisors give the green light, the $20 million project would see the bridge widen from two to six lanes and improved freeway on/offramps at Wildomar’s most heavily traveled corridor.

Plans to widen the bridge on Clinton Keith Road in Wildomar are headed for county sign off.

If supervisors give the green light, the $20 million project would see the bridge widen from two to six lanes and improved freeway on/offramps at Wildomar’s most heavily traveled corridor.

The project is expected to land before the board of supervisors Sept. 13, according to Wildomar Public Works Director Tim D’Zmura.

D’Zmura provided an update on the project during Wednesday night’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Once approved by the board of supervisors, D’Zmura said the project would be put out to bid the following day. If the project stayed on track, groundbreaking would take place in January with an anticipated completion date in Summer 2013, he said.

The project was made possible through the Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee Program (TUMF). Under the program, developers of residential, industrial, and commercial property pay a development fee to help fund transportation projects that become necessary as a result of increased traffic the projects create.

The county would oversee the Clinton Keith bridge project, but during Wednesday’s meeting council members voted 5-0 to transfer supervision of other TUMF projects in Wildomar from the county to the city.

Council members also prioritized the current list of TUMF projects still awaiting funding and/or approvals. In a unanimous vote, council agreed to rank the pending projects in the following order of importance:

--Widening Bundy Canyon Road to four lanes (from the 15 Freeway to the 215 Freeway);

--Adding two lanes on Clinton Keith Road (from the 15 Freeway to Copper Craft Drive);

--Realigning and widening Palomar Street to four lanes (from Mission Trail to Jefferson Avenue);

--And widening Grand Avenue to four lanes (from Central Avenue to State Route 74).

Timelines on these projects are still uncertain; some of the projects will also require agreements with other cities that are affected by the improvements.

City Manager Frank Oviedo said Southwest Riverside cities work well together on TUMF projects.

“I think it’s been very amicable."

Jeanne Cordova Chavez August 13, 2011 at 09:13 PM
All these projects are so needed. I wonder why Wildomar is always the last to get these road upgrades?
Sheryl Ade August 15, 2011 at 04:58 AM
Thank you Jeanne and Anthony for your comments; I hope your current City Council members will take note (as they are often hesitant to require infrastructure improvements on proposed projects in Wildomar because they feel it isn't "business friendly"). Bottom line is either development pays its way or the citizens suffer the effects of development (the developers don't reside in Wildomar so they don't suffer). Council members are so paranoid that "no will build here" (a silly thought as developers are always looking for cheaper land prices. . .which Wildomar has) that they are afraid to take a stand for the citizens of Wildomar. In regard to the Clinton Keith overpass, it is not a matter of being last. When the TUMF (Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees) system was created, fees were then collected from designated areas within Southwest Riverside County and a list of projects were created and given a priority rating. At the time this was done, there was not near as much traffic on the Clinton Keith overpass as we now have. , and thus it got a lower priority rating. Also at that time, Wildomar did not have a City representative on the regional commissions that made the decisions. In any event, it is common for the whole planning process to take six to eight years before the first shovel of dirt is turned. I have followed this closely with County Transportation from day one and am just glad it is, hopefully, finally at hand.
Sheryl Ade August 15, 2011 at 05:45 AM
One more comment: Wednesday night the Wildomar City Council voted to make the widening of Clinton Keith Rd. east of the Clinton Keith Overpass a lower priority than Bundy Canyon Rd. improvements. I agree Bundy needs to be improved for safety reasons, however, Clinton Keith Rd. should NOT be secondary to Bundy Canyon. Why???? The Bundy project entails significantly more $$$ and time for planning, environmental studies and property right-of-way purchases than C-K. The timeline for Bundy Cyn. is a minimum of five years out (and possibly more). Apparently your City Council could not think this through. Yes, Tim Walker mentioned that they would be creating a bottleneck by not widening Clinton Keith Rd at the same time as the bridge. . .then proceeded to vote to make that happen. WTF? Yet again, Wildomar will suffer from Council’s lack of critical thinking skills. A number of years prior to incorporation, Gary Andre and I lobbied County Transportation to make widening Clinton Keith (from the overpass east) a priority, ensuring it would be done in conjunction with the overpass. We eventually got all County entities on board with this. YOUR City Council killed that in one quick, unthought-out vote. The citizens are not helpless victims, however. Email your Supervisor, Council and City Staff if you would like Clinton Keith widened in conjunction with the overpass improvements. You can create change through activism. I know. . .I did it very effectively for years.
Randy Rebenschied September 30, 2011 at 02:42 AM
You've got to be kidding!!!! They let new bussiness's open on both sides of the bridge and they do nothing about the bridge. I guess we need to vote people out and put people in that care about what Wildomar needs. I take it none of the City Council take the bridge at 8.00 or 5.00pm it takes me 3 lights to turn on Clinton Keith from Hidden springs and this has been going for the last 10 years.So who do we write to?
Bridgette Moore September 30, 2011 at 03:31 AM
Randy - you can write to me at bmoore@cityofwildomar.org or call me at 951-219-0951.


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