Community Activist Drops Effort To Recall Lake Elsinore Councilman

Chris Hyland told the council she decided to abandon the recall effort because of the effort required and a lack of promised cooperation from citizens and organizations.

A petition drive to collect signatures that, if successful, would have forced a recall election of Lake Elsinore Mayor Pro Tem Daryl Hickman, has ended.

Chris Hyland, the Lake Elsinore resident who initiated the recall effort, told Lake Elsinore City Council Tuesday night that she dropped the campaign due to the amount of time and exertion it was taking.

Hyland, who is in her 80s, also told the council she decided to abandon the recall effort because of lack of promised cooperation from citizens and organizations.

Despite her decision to drop the recall effort, Hyland did not waiver on her criticism of Hickman Tuesday night, calling his practices “unethical.”

Hyland said she is endorsing candidates Natasha Johnson, Craig Turner and incumbent Bob Magee in the

“I will be out there ranting and raving until they are elected,” Hyland said.

Hickman's current term on the council does not expire until 2014.

Hickman did not publicly comment Tuesday night on Hyland’s decision to abandon the recall. A call to the mayor pro tem Wednesday was not immediately returned.

Councilman Peter Weber showed support for Hyland’s decision Tuesday night and publicly congratulated Hickman.

Wednesday, Weber stated in an email that Hyland’s recall effort was spurred by . Hickman, along with council members Weber and Melissa Melendez, voted in support of Brady’s termination.

Although Hyland never mentioned the firing in her recall effort, Weber said in his email, “The very mean, nasty and untrue comments made by the people who signed the recall petition should make them feel ashamed. They let their anger and emotion over having their good friend … fired overtake their common sense.

“This recall was doomed to fail because the grounds that they based it upon didn’t justify a recall,” Weber continued. “This recall was small city politics at its worst. The accusations were false, mean-spirited, and don’t justify a recall.”

Anon September 04, 2012 at 03:10 PM
I have been hearing that we need a new council since I moved here. No one will ever reach everyone's expectations.
Ellie Insyder September 26, 2012 at 07:34 AM
Antonio September 26, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Ellie you have some good observations, especially the facts about corrupt/incompetent Steve Manos and Hickman. But you are off base on Bob Buster. This guy is ethical, competent and fiscally conservative. He isn't afraid to confront public sector unions that have overreached. Jeffries is a republican and that party has been hijacked by the extreme right wing. They vote for big business and against middle class interests. For example the republicans would love to kill the new Consumer Financial Protection laws.
Ellie Insyder September 26, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Thanks. I truly mean that. I have no problem with diagreements. Regarding Bob Buster vs. Kevin Jeffries, this is not about partisan politics, I don't care if either belonged to the pink underwear party. This is about history, and the reality is that Bob Buster has been AWOL in Lake Elsinore until the last few months. Sorry, that just doesn't work for me. Kevin is at functions all the time and always has been. He listens and has been tried to help our new cities in the county to avoid the axe that Jerry Brown wants to chop them with. As I said, I think that disagreements are healthy for raising awareness and seeing both sides so that a solution that beneifits all can be created. I just think Bob Buster is pandering, based on his past apathy towards Lake Elsinore.
Antonio September 26, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Those new cities incorporated in the midst of a financial recession caused by not regulating the financial services industry. The head of the SEC, Christopher Cox, at the time was a Bush appointee and former republican congressman who pushed the idea that wall street banks should regulate themselves. Kevin Jeffries has publicly said that all republicans must hew to the right wing portion of their party or they turn their sights on their own. Jeffires has also supported state union demands. Bob Buster has been very visible in the Lake Elsinore Valley and I know several people he has helped with the county bureaucracy. Sorry, this one is a no-brainer Buster is the best choice.


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