Investment Opportunity Sits On The Lake Elsinore Shoreline

The city has posted a RFQ following a vote last month by council members to move forward on a project to enhance the La Laguna Resort & Boat Launch facility.

The City of Lake Elsinore is hoping to find an investor “with the vision, experience, and financial wherewithal” to develop the La Laguna Resort & Boat Launch into a first-class boating and camping destination.

Among the enhancements the city would like to see at the recently opened La Laguna include food and beverage services, watercraft rental, and campground improvements.

Dec. 20 the city posted a Request for Qualification (RFQ) following a vote last month by council members to move forward on the project.

La Laguna has been a marquis project for Lake Elsinore. This summer the city completed a nearly $8 million refurbishment of its boat launch facility at the newly renamed La Laguna Resort located at 32040 Riverside Drive along the lake’s north shore. The boat launch boasts more than

After it reviews the RFQ submissions, the city is planning to enter into an exclusive negotiating agreement with the most qualified investor for a long-term concessions agreement at the resort.

Investor selection is anticipated to occur in May 2013.

To download the RFQ and for further information, click here.

Reverend Smith December 25, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Just hope it doesn't go the way of the Outlet Center and Storm Stadium that just end up being tax payer funded white elephants eventually sold to a string of private buyers at fire sale prices. But it probably will.
American Girl December 26, 2012 at 12:49 AM
I wish they understood that people hate coming to our lake because its green and stinky
Truthful December 26, 2012 at 05:12 AM
"DREAM EXTREME" should be the name of the hallucinogenic kool-aid the counciulmembers obviously ingested!!
One Voice December 26, 2012 at 07:31 PM
The lake is full of boaters in April, they bring their boats to shake them down before they spend their Summer at the River or nicer lake areas. The Council should first think about cleaning up the town & roads and provide accommodations for tourists to visit while they are here. The entire neighborhood around the 8 million dollar La Laguna is a ghetto not to mention that Riverside Dr is a traffic nightmare. Seems like they sure waste a bunch of money or stupid stuff when reality stares them right in the face and they do nothing. Oh but way we have already had this conversation for years with those in charge and they still can't figure it out.
Roberto December 26, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Hopefully the new council will not allow the flim-flam, take the money and scram artist take advantage of us once again. Raid the ghetto on Joy street, kick out the parole'es, bring in code enforcement and make the state fix hwy 74. See if someone will enclose the outlet center and turn it into a mall.
Antonio December 27, 2012 at 04:35 AM
The stated purposes of the RFQ are to 1) increase recreational opportunities for the public and 2) increase revenues to the City. Since it is doubtful the City locals would drive their RV to a site within the City it’s the public outside the area that is the target market. The real purpose then must be increased fee revenue to the City to offset taxpayers’ costs of the Lake. So if the final deal results in little or even zero net revenue to the City we must conclude the RFQ has another purpose: increase the revenues to businesses in the area (restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.) to increase their profits. Probably these are the same businesses that are in the local Chamber of Commerce. Ah, government by business, for business and the shaft to resident taxpayers. If I’m missing a benefit to the taxpaying residents please point it out to me.
Antonio December 27, 2012 at 04:37 AM
I don't think those sweet-heart deals are by accident. The "business friendly" are just the foxes guarding the hen house.


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