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Jim Wood Wins Oceanside Mayoral Seat

Esther Sanchez and Jack Feller will retain their City Council seats.

3 a.m Wednesday Update:

With 100 percent of precincts reported:

  • Jim Wood wins the mayoral seat with 54 percent of votes;
  • Esther Sanchez and Jack Feller win City Council seats with 27 percent and 22 percent of votes;
  • Zack Beck wins City Clerk with 29 percent of votes.

Other elections affecting Oceanside and Camp Pendleton:

  • Chavez Wins 76th Assembly District Race
  • Issa Wins 49th Congressional District Race

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Donald Snyder November 08, 2012 at 05:25 AM
First and foremost, I would like to thank the 1,639 people who voted for me. They apparently understand that you don't need money to get votes. It should be the message, not the money. But I'm realistic. I got clobbered like a baby fur seal. That's the way it goes on my first time running for a political position. Am I upset? Sure, wouldn't you be? But here is one thing I did not do that most other candidates did. I can sleep at night knowing I didn't lose sight of my convictions. And what did Oceanside get. A couple more years of unrest in chambers and two thirds of 'team Oceanside' which basically means they are back to square one. More infighting, more name calling, more bickering. Oceanside, you got what you paid for. There is another way to run politics, it's just no one wants to listen to that side. We used to run clean campaigns. And yes, I got caught up in that blog someone sent me. I said it 'might' be true, but some of you people ran with it and called me an idiot. That's o.k., live and learn. I'll be smarter next time if there is such a time. Complain all you want about me, hassle me all you want but just know this. I didn't lose my directions like some of these other candidates do. I didn't give in to people who told me I needed to raise money. I went to almost all the forums, and talked from the heart. If that's not enough, so be it. But people of Oceanside, you got what you paid for. Good luck.
Linda Walshaw December 30, 2012 at 08:38 PM
Jim Wood won a third term by 54% of the vote, yet voters seem to have missed the fact that the day he was sworn in, the Council Majority (Messrs. Kern, Feller and Felien) passed their own City Ordinance (by their usual 3-2 vote) stripping Mayor Wood (and all FUTURE Mayors of Oceanside) of their mayoral powers of office and TRANSFERRING those powers to themselves. Their ordinance, which doesn't go into effect until Jan. 13, doesn't just remove Mayor Wood from SANDAG, it transfers ALL mayoral powers of appointment to commissions and regional boards to the Council Majority, effectively usurping the will of Oceanside voters! If voters had wanted Mr. Kern to have those powers of office, they would have voted for him. They did NOT. On Jan. 2, Mr. Felien has placed Mayor Wood's removal from SANDAG on the Council agenda, despite the fact that the ordinance does not go into effect until the 13th. If you still believe that the VOTERS should decide who has what powers of office and that YOUR vote should count for something, attend the Council meeting on Jan. 2 and speak to the Council in person (and to voters via KOCT).


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