Obama And Romney Campaigns Launch New Websites For Presidential Debate

The nationally televised 90-minute debate is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. PDT.

the nation will get the chance to see President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney debate for the first time tonight.

The nationally televised 90-minute debate is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. PDT. All the major networks are broadcasting the live debate hosted at the University of Denver.

Wednesday's format will see PBS newsman Jim Lehrer moderate. He is slated to open each 15-minute segment with a question, and Obama and Romney each will have two minutes to answer. It will be Lehrer’s job to keep the conversation going and to intervene if one candidate goes on too long.

In preparation for tonight’s event, the two campaigns on Wednesday announced new websites today — http://debates.mittromney.com and http://barackobama.com/debate.

Tonight’s debate marks the first in a series scheduled this month. Romney and Obama will debate again Oct. 16 in Hempstead, N.Y., and Oct. 22 in Boca Raton, Fla. Vice President Joe Biden and nominee Paul Ryan have their lone debate on Oct. 11 in Danville, Ky.

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Fifty-two million people tuned in to the first scheduled presidential debate four years ago, with 80 percent of the nation's adults saying they watched at least a bit of the debates, The Associated Press reported.

Anon October 19, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Well since I don't need any abortions, I think I am good!! LOL Romney is a smart man, he has my vote!! I vote for America! Romney/Ryan 2012
Anon October 19, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Staples would not be around today employing as many people as they do if not for Romney. He has given millions to charity. He fixed MASS budget and gave them a surplus. Obama has done.........um......................nothing! Worked in govt his whole like, most likely like you. Loser! Get a real job!
Dennis Mitchell October 19, 2012 at 09:34 PM
AG, yes all of us Federal, State, local governmental employees needs to get real jobs right?..Like I told your foolish self before, We are your first responders, your educator, and the reason our communities survive..The best you can come up with is Staples?...yes Mitt needs you to Staple his "Binders" you need not to apply for anything else!....I'm so sorry you're pass your prime, don't worry about abortion, your hubby is past His PRIME?..You make this too easy..The "Loser" is you, every time you look in the mirror...Are you locked and loaded for another "civil war", like you proclaimed if Obama wins?...lol..You sound so foolish, AG scared, delusional, racist conservative, wanting things to return to the past. Even as a women, Mitt will strip you of your rights...It's bigger than Abortion AG..You need to go back to school...Oh my bad, you don't like teachers, firemen, police, and the whole government spectrum..Only when Mitt tells you it's ok...I understand AG.
The Patriot October 19, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Anyone that believes that Republicans hate police and firemen and teachers is misinformed. We loathe their corrupt communist unions, not the hard working Americans. We stand United against communist UNIONS . YES ON 32!
Anon October 19, 2012 at 10:13 PM
What a great Christian example Dennis is for his children and community!
Diana October 19, 2012 at 11:14 PM
American, correction, Obama has played over 100 rounds of golf since he took office, used the air force one jet for his own personal entertainment, all on the tax payers dollar. Our Pres, he love to party LOL
Diana October 19, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Dennis Mitchell October 19, 2012 at 11:15 PM
AG you're such a hypocrite, your whole flawed party is a bunch of hypocrites!.I put my pic on this blog, to show you characters, I have nothing to hide.Everyone of you cowards are doing absolutely nothing for your communities,but complain...And tell me to be a Role model for "MY PEOPLE", like I'm not apart of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!...So AG, save your judgement for someone who cares..Ask yourself the same question, who are you, an example for, outside your little box?.You talk about how this county used to be "Republican", aka "White only",( in other words),translation, one flavor!...lol..how you had black neighbors in your old neighborhood, lol..all of you share your isolated stories, lol...I remember you saying you couldn't wait to move, from whatever neighborhood you lived in..You see AG, I will never be YOU, spritually and physically..Jesus turned over tables, and rebuked folks like you who gather, upon yourselves and speak down at your fellow man..Like Jesus, I will turn over your tables of racism,separation,division and hypocrisy!..And your candidtate Mitt is Chief in his assesment of half of the American population.What is done in the darkness, will be brought to the light, and thats the real "Character" of your uncle Mitt.You boast about what Mitt gives to charity,The Pharisees of the bible did the same, Mitt talks about pastoring/leading his church.The Pharisees did the same.Yes Mitt has his rewards,his money.But what about his soul?.Thats what you call discernment.
Dennis Mitchell October 19, 2012 at 11:40 PM
The Patriot 2:56 pm on Friday, October 19, 2012 Anyone that believes that Republicans hate police and firemen and teachers is misinformed. We loathe their corrupt communist unions, not the hard working Americans. We stand United against communist UNIONS . YES ON 32! Hey " Patriot", Real Patriots are ones who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests, the contention that true patriots would be willing to do anything for their country....Oh thats right youre an Republican!..lol... I understand...BTW as a 26yr Law enforcement vet, My fellow firemen,teachers and all who make a difference in society, through education and public saftey, respect what our Union do for us, to ensure fairness in the workplace..In the public sector, people are kicked to the curb in a hot minute...Ask Mitt he did it!...BTW Communism only works for ants, bees and mole rats. which one are you? Introduce any individuality into the economic system and it breaks down to form anarchy or totalitarianism. No communist system has ever worked in practice...You're in the wrong America..lol..And Yes on 30 no on 32 homie!...lol..
John Galt October 20, 2012 at 01:24 AM
"I understand...BTW as a 26yr Law enforcement vet" As someone that has fought corruption for almost that long, what I hear being broadcasted from you is "corruption, corruption, corruption" We all know that politicians or law enforcers don't start out being corrupt but temptation sometimes leads people in positions of power there. Unions are corrupt and are not fighting for the people, they fight for political power and just look at the SEIU protestor signs and the signs at the occupy protests. Unions have went FULL Communist. I will agree though, that it DOES NOT work here in America. Go sell your crap to someone that will buy it!! ☞☞☞☞☞YES 32, NO ON 30 ☜ ☜ ☜ ☜ ☜
Anon October 20, 2012 at 01:26 AM
Roberto if you are from NLB, do you remember Zodys? Not sure why that came to mind today but it did.
Anon October 20, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Popeye I want to personally bring come crow to you if Obama loses and watch you eat it. I know there is a chance he may win, but Romney is giving him a big scare. Will you eat it if I get it?
Anon October 20, 2012 at 01:59 AM
yOu know Mitt did not take a salary when he was governor? Obama will get a bigger pension than he will. Did you know Meg Whitman does not take a salary at HP either? Republicans are honorable.
Anon October 20, 2012 at 01:59 AM
Keep trying Dennis, not sure why you type so much I never read it. Its all MALARKY!!
Anon October 20, 2012 at 02:00 AM
Dennis cracks me up, he acts like Mr Christian dad, when he carries on like a lunatic. Good job Dennis!
Diana October 20, 2012 at 02:03 AM
American, but for the grace of God we could be him :)
Anon October 20, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Exactly! They say its easy to be a liberal!Thats why there are so many!
Dennis Mitchell October 20, 2012 at 02:38 AM
LOL, American Gurl you read every word I post, you are learning something about yourself...lol..Spritually speaking, you need a bath real bad!...Yes us real Americans are everywhere chicka, your grocery store, your neighborhood, even when you try to seperate yourself...lol..Real people, Real Americans who work hard for their keep..While you turn up your nose at real Americans, remember its your own "boogers" you need to pick!..lol...Get the beam out of your own eye, before you try to pluck it out of somebody elses...lol. Whenever one of you Retardblicans insult someone, you high five one another, and give props, and laugh amongst yourselves...Now now before it gets too late, and your makeup cracks...you have work to do...Get the blow torch, remove that face of racism(caked on makeup)...lol.. and share the torch with Diana...lol..What a great "pharisaical" comment by you Diana!..lol.." You could be like me" .Diana 7:03 pm on Friday, October 19, 2012 American, but for the grace of God we could be him :) Luke 18:11 "The Pharisee stood and was praying this to himself: 'God, I thank You that I am not like other ... .Hey Diana this bud for you!..lol..Hypocrite!
Anon October 20, 2012 at 02:43 AM
I do read them, about the first 10 words. Then I get bored to death. You just talk dribble. Life is too short. Go play with your kids!
Dennis Mitchell October 20, 2012 at 02:47 AM
John Gait, you feel better now? If Communism is alive and well in America, which rodent or bug are you?..Now go change your sign in your front yard, prop 30 is for You..lol...Repeat after me please..1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9....gooood you are learning John...The lesson was free!!!
Super Bluto October 20, 2012 at 02:49 AM
You just sound like a racist, it goes both ways.
Diana October 20, 2012 at 02:49 AM
Dennis, we all are hard working Americans, been this way for years and still doing it, for God's sake what is your point? You have been on here for days rambling and trying to school all of us, get over yourself, we are individuals and although your ego might tell you different we don't need you to direct us into what is right as an individual and an American. You have you beliefs for God sakes let us have ours.
Anon October 20, 2012 at 02:50 AM
SB ignore him. He is a racist. Someone in his life discriminated against him at one time or another and he holds it against all of us. The thing is, it had nothing to do with the color of his skin. It was his God awful personality!
Diana October 20, 2012 at 02:51 AM
As far as calling me a hypocrite, right back at you Honey, you call yourself a Christian with all the hate and ugliness and attacks you throw out, shame on you!!!!!!!
Kenny McCormick October 20, 2012 at 02:53 AM
Dennis, you are nothing more than a liberal Jive Turkey. Go spread your garbage somewhere else.
Sheila Broflovski October 20, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Oh, this guy, I have never heard anyone talk like this in my life. How many people have you tazed that didn't deserve it mr police man?
Randy Marsh October 20, 2012 at 03:01 AM
Dennis isn't a retired law enforcer, he is a Hemet meth dealer. The're coming for you Dennis.
Anon October 20, 2012 at 03:08 AM
He isnt a cop.He is a jail girl or something. Trust me, not a cop. Probably the cook or mops the floors for daddy!
Dennis Mitchell October 20, 2012 at 03:18 AM
My point Diana?...If you don't know...you will never know...Hatred? no my lady...Just the facts, and a old fashioned reality "check", none of you can cash!...I'm not taking anything from any of you..It's all in your mind, because you all are made from the same mold..The truth hurts, and you hate what you can't control...American gurl, yes you read about ten words, because your comprehension abilities, run amuck, whenever you read the truth about yourself..Go to bed now and lie about what you don't read..lol..
Super Bluto October 20, 2012 at 03:21 AM
You are a racist!


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