Suicides Among U.S. Military Personnel Hit Record High

Officials say they are committed to reversing the trend.

Suicides in the U.S. military jumped to 349 during 2012, the highest number on record in any given year, The Associated Press reported Monday.

The number is up from 301 during 2011 and far exceeds the number of service members killed in combat last year, according to The Associated Press report.

The Pentagon began tracking suicides in 2001, according to the report.

The Army had the highest number of suicides among active-duty troops last year at 182, and the Marine Corps, had the largest percentage increase — a 50 percent jump to 48, The Associated Press reported. The Air Force recorded 59 suicides, and the Navy had 60, according to the report.

“All of the numbers are tentative, pending the completion later this year of formal pathology reports on each case,” The Associated Press reported.

Officials told The Associated Press they are committed to reversing the trend.

"Our most valuable resource within the department is our people. We are committed to taking care of our people, and that includes doing everything possible to prevent suicides in the military," Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia O. Smith said Monday.

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Andria January 15, 2013 at 05:38 PM
Including a battery of psychological testing/evaluations along with the ASVAB prior to entrance, offering more training to NCO's and Officers to enable them to identify and refer soldiers showing signs of depression and PTSD, and maybe stricter limits on how many "tours" a soldier can spend in combat situations would go a long way toward significantly decreasing this number.


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