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Volcano Fire Victims to Receive Help from County

Under the direction of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, La Cresta-area property owners will get assistance from county agencies for damages suffered in the Volcano fire.

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors today directed county agencies to assist La Cresta property owners impacted by a 350- acre wildfire ignited earlier this month by a county-operated vehicle.

The "Volcano fire" and came perilously close to several others when it blackened hillsides just west of Murrieta

A county Department of Transportation mower apparently threw sparks and ignited vegetation while cutting weeds near the intersection of Tenaja and Via Volcano roads, according to the fire department.

The blaze was fully contained by the following morning.

During the board's first meeting after a four-week recess, Supervisor Bob Buster submitted a motion seeking to have the "Transportation and Building and Safety departments and Human Resources Risk Management Division ... work with the property owners to resolve fire damage issues."

Without comment, the board voted 4-0 -- with Supervisor Jeff Stone absent -- in support of the motion.

According to Buster, residents with homes in the fire zone could be entitled to reimbursement for lost work and other claims.

"The fire destroyed vegetation, which may require re-vegetation to protect the slopes from erosion during winter rains," he said.

On the day of the fire, the county issued a statement calling the blaze a "tragedy."

Don McDowell August 28, 2012 at 08:14 PM
This is the LEAST that the County and City could do. They should award the Snyder's 10 million dollars for the negligence.
AmericanMom August 29, 2012 at 09:13 AM
Are you kidding me??? It was an ACCIDENT! And, trust me, the Snyders have had their hands out asking for money and donations. These people were two well monied people, who also have insurance for losses. I'm sure they'll also sue and get their rebuilt "McMansion" paid off, plus money to boot. Ten million dollars? Give me a break! Where is this money going to come from, when we are in the red fiscally?? It's unfortunate that the material loss (not life) occurred, but it was an unfortunate accident. Perhaps, you should dig into your pockets and help that ridiculous fund of ten million you are speaking of - instead of offering OPM (other people's money - AKA the taxpayer).
Sam Bradstreet August 29, 2012 at 01:30 PM
American Mom, first of all, you don't represent me, or American Moms. Your jealousy spills out in your comments. Your worried about the rich getting public money...go nuts about the oil companies in this country paying little or no taxes. Or Mitt Romney paying less then a middle class worker, hiding his tax returns from us in order to shield what he has done? The Snyder's are your neighbors? As an AMERICAN MOM, whats the Christian thing to do for neighbors? Your comment embarrasses anyone calling themselves an American.
AmericanMom August 29, 2012 at 05:07 PM
My "jealousy?" Not at all, Mr. Bradstreet. I am mearly commenting that I feel 10 million dollars is rediculous compensation to the Snyders. I knew I would get backlash, but let's face it, when people go around flaunting their so called wealth and then ask the everyday person to donate money to them, it is a bit quizzical. As an American Mom, I may not represent you, but I do represent many. You mentioned that I am "worried about the rich getting public money," yet a moment later you attack Mitt Romney, whom you alledge is paying less than a middle class worker. Um, sounds like you are spewing an oxymoron. I am not worried about the Snyder's (whether they had any money or not) retribution - what I am stating is that 10 million is rediculous. This county, state and country are in SERIOUS trouble, and we can't go out shelling out the American taxpayer's money when that is what insurance is for! When will it stop? We are overtaxed, over burdened already, it is breaking the American (taxpayer's) back! If you feel that YOU must be Christian, go ahead and shell out your money, but, I don't want to. That is my right and that is my choice. But to come on here and state the "least" we could do is to give them 10 mill is, again, rediculous. Go ahead and be "embarrassed" about my comment. I am not. I am sick of giving up my hard earned money because of bleeding heart liberals.


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