Wildomar City Council Accepts $6.8 Million Budget, 2 Posts

The council also unanimously approved a proposal to create permanent posts for a Planning Director and manager of Community Services.

The Wildomar City Council with very little discussion on Wednesday approved a $6.8 million budget and agreed to create the permanent post of Planning Director and Community Services Manager.

"I think we need those two positions to move along," said during the meeting.

The council will decide at a later date whether to appoint the current, contracted employees to the permanent posts or to advertise and go through a vetting process to find candidates to fill the positions.

Councilman expressed his desire to see a hiring process used to find the best person qualified for each position.

He also said he wanted city staff to show him the money -- the exact amount of funds saved by making the positions full-time rather than the contracted positions they are currently.

"I'd like to ... visit the conservative approach," Cashman said, adding that when the city incorporated three years ago, contracting managerial staff positions was the best road to take.

"It's been a very successful model," Cashman said.

Councilman said he likes the contracting system as well, but for middle management, not so much for heads of departments.

In the end, the council agreed that the time has come to begin setting up departments that can help residents and developers alike on a full-time basis.

The council also looked at a wish list of projects that were not included in the budget but could be inserted at a later date.

This includes a program that would create LED signage for the city and also a comprehensive LED ordinance.

Those issues will be discussed at the June council meeting.

In presenting the budget to the council, City Manager Frank Oviedo told that body that the budget was not too different from this year's finance plan and there was not much wiggle room between revenues and expenditures.

The expenditures for 2012-13 are estimated at $6.8 million, which will leave about $144,000 in the General Fund.

Coupled with this year's General Fund surplus, the city should see an end of year safety net of about $511,189, Oviedo said.

Oviedo said that it is time for the council to set the tone for the direction the city will take, with Wildomar either "treading water or building a new paradigm for government."

During the entire meeting and especially the budget presentation, city staff bemoaned the loss of millions of dollars in vehicle licensing fees.

As part of the state budget package Governor Jerry Brown signed into law June 30, 2011, a total $130 million in vehicle license fee revenues were chopped out of city budgets statewide.

Four new cities in Riverside County -- including Wildomar -- are collectively facing nearly $15 million in revenue losses because of the last-minute state budget provision.

Wildomar incorporated with the belief that the lion's share of revenues to the city would come from vehicle licensing fees and now finds itself without a safety net.

To read more about the revenue loss, please click here.

Roberto May 11, 2012 at 04:59 PM
What happened in the Wildomar area is very complex. I never said illegal although it it. I said unethical pertaining to Wildomar. Several of park properties turned over in lieu of Quimby fees were properties that are already flood control. There is one in a tract east of the 15 referred to as the Pit for example. It's a least 25 feet deep and was used to get developers out of paying Quimby fees. There are several others. Why would anyone ever agree to this? When the people voted to disolve the Park district, my recollection is 400,000 dollars went back to the County general fund. Criminal offense? Not in Rail Road County. They claim this kind of stuff has no criminal intent rarely prosecute white collar crime. Unless your name is George Alongi and not Melissa Melendez.
Ken Mayes May 11, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Roberto what happened in Wildomar is most assuredly complex. But the bottom line after a state audit was that all the Quimby monies collected before Wildomar became a city were accounted for except about $12,000. That being said there still exist a problem in Wildomar in that they collect $2,325 per residential unit whereas Temecula collects $4,433 per residential unit. Wildomar collects about half what most cities collect. The other problem I see is that in-lieu of the fee the developer is allowed to pay in land which is total bull, most of the time the city accepts land that is totally worthless, i.e. Windsong Park with no parking. A better system would be to make everyone pay the fee no exceptions. This would require the city to purchase land suitable for parks in areas accessible to all the citizens. But with that brings another problem, how is the land to be bought without undue influence. My suggestion would be to randomly draw names from a list of landowners in the city to serve on a purchasing committee consisting of 7-9 members for that purchase only to review the purchase making sure the city paid the proper price for suitable land. I know fantasyland but the system we have now is not working and its time to think outside the box.
Roberto May 11, 2012 at 09:32 PM
It takes a super majority to pass a tax. Wildomar being post prop. 13 City should only allow devlopments with an HOA for passive parks. A motto for sports park is what Murrietta does with the Pony League running a class A sports park and joint School / sports/ city agreements. Fuzzy math is why all Quimby fee's are accounted. Some Quimby fee's were not paid by developers ala worhtless land deeded over, Influence peddling and a slap on the back and a red envelope ensured others were not paid and even the disolution of the previous park district sent over 400,000 tax dollars to the County general fund. There is no way tax dollars were not sent to a discretionary County general fund and some rebated back for a vote in my opinion.
Ken Mayes May 11, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Some people see a conspiracy under every rock. Quimby fees are not a tax. As for the state audit read it and weep at www.bsa.ca.gov/reports/summary/2002-106
Roberto May 12, 2012 at 12:09 AM
KEN SAID: "Some people see a conspiracy under every rock." REPLY: Ther you go again with your snide accusations. I said they are unethical and never alluded to a conspiracy. Go visit Wildomars parks and tell me Quimby fees were utilized as appropiate or the disolution of the park district money did not go to the general fund. Let me give you insult tactics a go: Take off your rose coloured glassed and pull your head out of you preferred orifice and get a breath of fresh oxygen before accusing someone instead of dealing in reality.


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