Wildomar City Leadership Reorganizes

Wednesday night saw appointments, oaths administered, a contract approval, and a "thank you" handed out.

Wednesday night was busy in Wildomar. During the regularly scheduled City Council meeting, leaders were appointed, an employment contract for the new city manager was approved, newly reelected council members were sworn into office, and the city's outgoing top leader was honored.

Councilman Tim Walker was appointed by his colleagues to serve as mayor of the city for 2013, and Councilwoman Marsha Swanson was tapped to take the mayor pro tem position.

Walker, who was elected by Wildomar voters two years ago and served as mayor pro tem through 2012, takes the baton from Mayor Ben Benoit.

Annual appointments are standard practice in Wildomar. At the end of each calendar year, city council members appoint a new mayor and mayor pro tem. The mayoral terms are Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

Wednesday’s meeting also saw the swearing in of newly reelected council members Bridgette Moore and Bob Cashman. Wildomar City Clerk Debbie Lee administered the oaths to the leaders who will each serve four-year terms on the council.

After thanking her family and voters, Moore told the audience, "I will continue to work hard for you for the next four years."

Cashman also made a promise to help "promote Wildomar."

During Wednesday’s meeting, council members also honored outgoing City Manager Frank Oviedo for his service. [Watch the attached video to hear what Oviedo had to say.]

Later during Wednesday's meeting, Oviedo was a bit emotional when he told staff, "I'm going to miss you guys. It's been a good run."

As a result of Oviedo’s departure Dec. 31, council members approved an employment contract Wednesday for Gary Nordquist, who was selected by council members to fill the city manager post during a special closed-session meeting Dec. 5.  Nordquist, who was hired by the city in 2009 and currently serves as assistant city manager, will begin in his new position effective Jan. 1.

According to city documents, as city manager Nordquist will receive an annual base salary of $179,000 – the same as Oviedo.

Ken Mayes December 13, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Maybe now that the party is over this city can get back to the business at hand. Paying off the debt to the county and responding to the grand jury (due back in July) should be at the top of the list. Its interesting how all of the money woes of the city seems to have just disappeared from the news over the last couple of months. I guess if its not talked about it will just go away.
Markus December 13, 2012 at 05:39 PM
They need to really worry about Marthas most recent legal attack on the elections to be "at large or by district" (RIC 1216373) . They are VERY possibly going to lose that case. That could make some real problems. 2 of the council seats would be effected. Swanson and Cashman are the two that would have impact. It appears that Big Bob would have to technically run again in 2014 and Marsha would not be able to run unless she moved. Now that can all be rendered moot if they prevail but it seems pretty simple that what they did was not legal. They will have to pay for a special electing next November and hope the city votes in the at large concept. Now I want to go on the record here that even though Martha might prevail and prove the council was bad girls and boys. I place this blame firmly on the city attorneys shoulders of that time "Big Mama Biggs" who has bailed on Wildomar to pursue the job in newly formed East Los Angeles. Anyone else see a pattern of people using Wildomar as a training ground to move on to better positions in bigger citys? Just saying :)
Markus December 13, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Also Tim Walker will make the meetings a spectacle with his obnoxious comments and yelling at the residents speaking at the meetings... Go turtle mayor...


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