Wildomar Looks for the Martha Stewart, Clark Griswold of Holiday Lighting

Annual decoration contest, decided by online vote, will award lawn signs and bragging rights.

Who is the Martha Stewart of Wildomar as far as holiday lights decorating?  For that matter, who is the Clark Griswold?

The city of Wildomar is hosting its annual Holiday Lights Home Decorating Contest. Online voting will help decide the winners.

“The public will judge from December 16th through December 22nd,” the city says on its website. “Winners will be announced online December 23rd. Awards will be given for the each of the three categories. Lawn signs and bragging rights will be yours for the 2013 year!”

From now until Dec. 15, residents can enter their home in one of three categories:

  • Traditional is for those who are like "Martha Stewart," with every bulb and decoration just so.
  • Clark Griswold entrants think the more lights and decorations the merrier. (Griswold was the Chevy Chase character in the National Lampoon film series.)
  • Best Block is for those with three or more houses lit up.

Residents can enter using the city's online form or return the attached entry form to the City of Wildomar, Community Services Department at City Hall by December 15, 2012. Please include a picture of your home for our website.

Meanwhile, don’t forget Patch’s Deck the House contest, whose top prize is $100,000 for your local school district and cash to pay your electric bill.

Diana November 29, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Every year my hubby and I start our Christmas decorating in November so that we can turn our lights on Thanksgiving evening, every year adding another decoration to our outside display. This year we switched to LED lights. Yesterday two young Hispanic teenagers were caught trying to steal off of our front porch an item that was delivered for a Christmas gift, beware that if you on line shop like I do and have it delivered there are kids out there looking to steal your purchase. I am so glad that I have a close neighbor to watch out for us or that item on my porch would of been gone.
Brenda November 30, 2012 at 12:02 AM
ROFL The Teller of Truth number 1? I was going to put the same thing, well not in your exact hilarious words, when I read the article and then saw your post, I didnt have to. Also could not have said it as well. OK AND my what do I think of this article and idea? I think its awesome!!! Especially the Clark Griswold.!! Before I was disabled I used to do the house up like a huge candycane house, and do all kinds of baking and I miss it so much. Well and all the kids are grown too. Do a bit for the grandson however :) I think its super nice for those to be recognized and I bet you guys could come up with some more catagories too!! Get going everyone and have a great time!!. Happy Holidays and God Bless.
Brenda November 30, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Also please start to hit the report button on posts that violate TOS, or just are down right in the wrong place and time and only meant to call names, demean others, like this one from DISLIKES THE TELLER OF TRUTH. Please so that post goes by bye. This is a wonderful article and is fun for everyone to follow and we dont need this kind of stuff on here.
Brenda November 30, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Wonder how we go about finding all these houses without just driving and driving and drivning. Would love to see yours Glasses. But at the same time its kind of dangerous to put a name to an address these days. Maybe just a list of streets PATCH? If the folks give you their street name so we can see where the decorations are? My grandson LOVES them. A few places someone will be out front with cookies and coffee and its really nice.
Brenda November 30, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Once Voice that is good someone has spoken UP! For the last few months now I have had a few things stolen that were left by UPS or FedEx. Pisses me off as they ring the bell run and jump back in their truck and off they go. Being disabled it takes me 3 min or so to get to the front door, RAWR. But also the things these "guys" are stealing arent anything good, just medical supplies, parts, no drugs of course, keep that to Rite Aid. I didnt think how much that could increase over the Holidays so I will request signatures from now on for everything and the dang UPS or FED ex guy can read my sign that says Disabled Please Wait 5 minutes for signature on delivery!! Ha teach them to drop and run to truck, Mrs. and Mr. Delivery guys!


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