Wildomar Planning Commissioner Bob Devine Resigns

Robert "Bob" Devine submitted his resignation Jan. 2, 2014.

Wildomar Planning Commission Bob Devine (light blue shirt) at the dais in City Hall.  File photo/Toni McAllister
Wildomar Planning Commission Bob Devine (light blue shirt) at the dais in City Hall. File photo/Toni McAllister

Citing an increased workload from his personal business as a consultant in the energy sector, Bob Devine has stepped down from his post as Wildomar Planning Commissioner.

Devine, speaking by phone Tuesday afternoon, said he provided his resignation Jan. 2 to Wildomar City Councilman Bob Cashman. Cashman was the councilman who appointed Devine to the post in 2008 when the city incorporated. Since that time, Devine, now 65 years old, has been reappointed.

“It wouldn’t be fair to try to maintain the position,” Devine said Tuesday, noting that his work as a consultant in the crude oil industry has picked up, with increased travel planned during the first quarter of 2014. Devine said he is also working on liquid natural gas production projects that are consuming a great deal of his time.

Devine has had in hand in Wildomar for many years. Prior to 2008, he said he was part of the committee that eventually brought Wildomar to cityhood.

“I wanted Wildomar to be a city. I think it has a lot of potential. I’m going to stay active as much as I can,” said Devine, who explained he will watch city agendas and goings-on.

Devine has been an outspoken commissioner, often voting against projects that his colleagues supported. Recently, he dissented against mixed-use projects that contain high-density residential. Devine argued that Wildomar should reserve commercial land for projects that could bring revenue to the city, instead of approving housing for those parcels.

The city now has two commissioners to replace. In November it was announced that Wildomar Planning Commission Vice Chair Michael Kazmier had resigned his post. His resignation was formally accepted Dec. 12 by the Wildomar City Council. His replacement has not yet been appointed.

With both resignations, the Wildomar Planning Commission is down to three members: Chair Stan Smith, Commissioner Veronica Langworthy, and Commissioner Bobby Swann.

Those interested in applying to the planning commission should contact the city at 951-677-7751.

Roberto January 11, 2014 at 11:34 AM
Who lost a lawsuit? You don't even know what the lawsuit was about and the outcome and still opening your pie-hole. Keep looking down on all the slum housing and tutor us on how to deal with it. You are either naïve or just plain stupid to believe that the wealthy people on the hill like your Shiela and you know your ass from a hole in the ground.. "BTW Roberto, you already live in a seas of slum housing , look around town, drive around the lake.....if you call those luxury homes you have spent WAY too much time in the inland empire then. Even the newer housing tracts are full of parents raising graffiti artists, gang bangers and future dope dealers. Cannot drive more than a block or two without encountering graffiti around the lake?" Reply: Continue your Monday morning quarter backing since you a soooo wealthy way up on the hill. All you rich elitist need to teach us to sell real estate so we too can become wealthy like you and make fun of all those poor Mexicans and working class and seniors working for a better life can exploit what little is left.
LAKE ELSINORE RESIDENT January 11, 2014 at 08:52 PM
Roberto I am cracking up reading what you have to say to the Weirdomar Morons with all the AKA's ROTFLMAO. It's so funny the things you have said I can't imagine what the idiot morons with all the aka's had to say and really don't care (remember I don't read their nonsensical babble and haven't for ages). The moron infected sheep are the reason Weirdomar is now known as the armpit of the I.E. The sheep and the Council (who may be one of the sheep with many aka's) have worked hard to earn that distinction and they must be proud their hard work has paid off "Weirdomar the Armpit of the I.E".


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