Wildomar’s Cash-Handling Procedures Under Review By City Manager Following Concerns Prompted By Resident

City Manager Gary Nordquist said he has changed the city's cash-handling policies. The update follows allegations that monies generated by a city-sponsored event may have been mismanaged.

City Manager Gary Nordquist said Tuesday he has reviewed practices of the city’s cash-handling activities and now he plans to speak individually with council members to review updated procedures with them.

Nordquist’s remarks follow allegations made by Wildomar resident Gil Rasmussen that the city may have mismanaged funds generated by the Dec. 15 city-sponsored Breakfast with Santa held at Wildomar Elementary School.

Rasmussen asserts in a Feb. 13 opinion piece posted on his blog that of the $1,084 raised at the 2012 Breakfast with Santa, only $399 was deposited with the city. Rasmussen said he discovered the issue after obtaining documents he requested under the Public Records Act.

Nordquist said there is currently no money missing from city coffers but confirmed he has revised processes for how funds are handled.

“I have reviewed cash-handling activities and have looked at the practices. The process has been revised,” he explained.

Nordquist said he has been speaking with city staff and is now in the process of communicating individually with council members. He declined to provide details on the new changes or specifics on what may have caused monies to be missing, saying he wanted to first discuss the issues with council members. Nordquist said he would be available for additional comment following his meetings with council members.

Wildomar Community Services Director Paula Willette was in charge of the Breakfast with Santa event. On Feb. 21, she turned in her resignation to the city citing personal reasons, Nordquist said.

Her last day on the job is March 1, he confirmed.

Nordquist said Willette’s departure is a separate issue from the cash-handling activity but declined to provide specifics.

“They are two separate issues,” he said.

Nordquist was tapped to fill the role of city manager Jan. 1 after it was publicly announced Dec. 3 that then-City Manager Frank Oviedo had submitted his resignation.

Oviedo’s last day on the job was Dec. 31.

PirateGirl February 27, 2013 at 01:12 AM
Libi Uremovic February 27, 2013 at 01:46 AM
the beaumont audit showed that every day there was hundreds of dollars lost between the journal entries and the bank deposits...every day... http://libionline.net/city-of-beaumont-audit.html
Martha L. Bridges February 27, 2013 at 01:37 PM
Mr. Nordquist should be supported in his attempt to review and possibly revise or put in place more robust processes and procedures to ensure that Wildomar conducts its events and general business in a more controlled and proper manner. It is also time to review the city’s involvement in or support of events which should probably be left to community groups and not leave the city exposed to monitoring their financial operations and obviously questionable recordkeeping. It is time for Wildomar to put aside its tendencies to conduct its business with a "country bumpkin" flare, and grow into a stable city with the expected fiscal controls. Anything less leaves room to grow into a baby version of the City of Bell with its runaway, totally out-of-control management and spending. Ask yourself, does Wildomar want to become another “baby Bell” kind of city? Can we afford that?
Arthur Spooner February 27, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Does anyone get into govt to help people anymore ? Is it all about what they can take??
Ken Mayes February 27, 2013 at 06:43 PM
We are county bumpkins and there is nothing wrong with that, if you look around Wildomar what most people consider city are tract homes which occupy less than 20% of the land area of Wildomar. Its thinking that we are something that we are not that has lead to spending money that is totally unnecessary, like 120K a year rent on city hall.
Ken Lewis February 27, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Actually I hope the city goes bankrupt and dismantled. They have owed me $200 in a property tax over charge which was ruled as illegal by the State of California for several years now . And each time I have spoken with Mr. Norquist he gives me some excuse that the city doesn't have the funds to return my money and then gives me some future date as when they will return my money. I'm not wealthy and barely survive on Social Security but I always make sure my bills are paid and the city of Wildomar should take a example from me and do the same. I'm done asking for my money back my next solution will be a attorney and a lawsuit starting March 1st.
Martha L. Bridges February 27, 2013 at 07:53 PM
I can certainly sympathize with anyone who is owed money from the City of Wildomar. Paying their just debts should be a number one priority but that doesn’t seem to even be on their radar screen! The city is beginning preliminary work on the 2013 – 2014 budget and there are many people who would like to see a clear acknowledgement of ANY and ALL DEBTS. The city shouldn’t keep sweeping their financial obligations under the carpet. The County of Riverside may agree to restructuring the $1.9 million we owe them for the transition year, but you notice that the city has carefully avoided telling the public just how much more interest that will cost us or if we’ll end up with a BIG BALLOON PAYMENT. Then there is the matter of the City’s required refunds due to citizens for the original Parks Assessment which the courts found to be illegal and unconstitutional. How many more years do we have to wait for those refunds? It seems we have a city council that excels at kicking the financial can down the road – all the while spending our tax dollars on the meaningless and unnecessary frills of city-hood and other shenanigans.
Ken Mayes February 27, 2013 at 10:25 PM
Mr. Lewis To be fair to the city they only owe you $56.00, you should have already received the same amount from the county if you have turned in your claim. What galls me is the city claims to have no money to repay their share but they can come up with the money for legal expenses to try and pawn their share of this refund on to the county which in the end will cost the city double, half for the refund and a like amount for legal expenses.
Martha L. Bridges February 28, 2013 at 01:53 AM
Realy! Just what does that mean?
Arthur Spooner February 28, 2013 at 03:56 AM
It sounds like Wildomar is just not grown up enough to be a stand alone city.
Ken Lewis February 28, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Mr. Mayes you are incorret. The city owes me $56 times 4 years of over charges which equals $224 which according to Mr. Nordquist is really not much but then again he doesn't live on Social Security as I do. And if I didn't pay my property tax bill for 4 years between the late charges and interest charges I would have more than doubled my cost or even had a lein on my property and been set up for a tax lein sale. So maybe I will do the same to the city wildomar in my lawsuit. I intend to supena their entire city council to court when I file my lawsuit.
Kevin Jon Sax June 11, 2013 at 04:57 AM
I have never met Paula Willette, but this smells like a witch hunt and she was smart to resign. She doesn't need this kind of treatment. I wish her peace and the ability to move on. Some people in this city are cruel and they know who they are. It would be nice if they left.


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