'Young Victims Plagued With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction' Should Be Allowed Therapy To Turn Them Straight, Lawsuit Argues

"We are filing suit to defend families, children, and religious freedom. This unprecedented bill is outrageously unconstitutional.”

A non-profit legal organization “dedicated to defending religious, parental, and other constitutional rights” has filed a lawsuit to overturn a California law that prohibits therapies aimed at turning gay and lesbian teens into heterosexuals.

The Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute challenged the law -- SB 1172 -- signed Saturday by Gov. Jerry Brown. The lawsuit was filed late Monday in U.S. District Court in Sacramento.

“Of all the freedom-killing bills we have seen in our legislature the last several years, this is among the worst,” said Brad Dacus president of Pacific Justice Institute. “This outrageous bill makes no exceptions for young victims of sexual abuse who are plagued with unwanted same-sex attraction, nor does it respect the consciences of mental health professionals who work in a church. We are filing suit to defend families, children, and religious freedom. This unprecedented bill is outrageously unconstitutional.”

The law is considered a first-of-its-kind. According to The Associated Press, “the Institute filed the suit on behalf of a psychiatrist and a marriage and family therapist who is also a church pastor in San Diego. It also names as a plaintiff Aaron Bitzer, a Culver City man who says he has benefited from the ‘reparative’ therapy.”

The lawsuit claims the law, which is scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, violates First Amendment and equal protection rights. The suit seeks an injunction to prevent implementation of the law.

Pacific Justice Institute has led the fight against SB 1172 since its introduction in the spring by Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance). The Institute claims its attorneys attended all of the bill’s policy committee hearings and warned legislators that the bill was “an unconstitutional restriction on the First Amendment, privacy, and parental rights.”

The text of the law, however, includes language that states, "Being lesbian, gay, or bisexual is not a disease, disorder, illness, deficiency, or shortcoming. The major professional associations of mental health practitioners and researchers in the United States have recognized this fact for nearly 40 years."

jill smith October 04, 2012 at 07:10 AM
Stanley sponsor a child instead of spewing hate, you're a hypocrite full of hate. like I said choose good or evil. As mad as it makes you blaming God for everything is the selfish childish thing to do. If everyone sponsored one child and did what god wanted the world could be fed. It's funny because without meaning too you helped me make my point, selfish people that think like you just want to blame God and do nothing. that's why the world is starving. dughh
jill smith October 04, 2012 at 07:50 AM
I would agree with your statement if you were not so hell bent on blaming god. Our country could stop some preventable diseases for penny's on the dollar like diarrhea for starters it kills millions. stanley you are well fed, and have a roof over your head, now give something back besides hate hate and more hate. I think you might feel better if you do.
D A October 04, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Italo .. Most people cannot usualy see the face of God because they are to wrapped up in the world and the Evil that man does. Usually before non believers can see the face of God they are so beat down and out that there is no worldly things left they can grasp, cling or rely on to pull them through. When God shows his face to you you will realize the only hope you have is to have faith in a god you can't see. The Bad thing on earth that people blame on GOD are not God but people cause it because God wants you to have the freedom to choose the difference between right and wrong he called it free will. I believe religions were created so that different people from different backgrands can find GOD. Is one better or worse than the other does not matter because it is mans misinterpitation of the Bible that has caused the wars. No man is better or worse than another. No matter who we are or try to be we will always have faults. All we can do is learn today and be better tomorrow.
Italo Domani October 14, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Jill, If you and the other religious freaks on here claim to have LITERALLY "seen the face of god", I would like to strongly suggest you see a Board Certified Psychiatrist. Perhaps he or she can prescribe a medication called Risperidone. It can help with the voices in your head when you think "god is talking to you" as well. Good luck.
jill smith October 14, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Italo, I know Obama is losing, why take it out on me go join a call center or hand out flyers to support obama geez, maybe you need a haldol and respiradol because my voice must be in your head, I have not even addressed you today.


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