Famous Americans Stop By Wildomar Elementary For A History Lesson

Eighth-grade students from David A. Brown dressed up as famous U.S. leaders and walked over to nearby Wildomar Elementary for a tangible lesson about America’s past.

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Frankin were some of the notable Americans who stopped by this week for a lesson in U.S. history. 

As part of a history study, eighth-grade social studies/language arts students from in Wildomar dressed up as famous U.S. leaders and walked over to nearby Wildomar Elementary Wednesday morning to provide their younger classmates – and themselves -- with a more tangible lesson about America’s past.

“We spent two hours letting groups of elementary students 'interview' our Famous Americans,” said David A. Brown eighth-grade teacher Mary Riley. “My students are also writing biographies and first person narrative/diaries from the perspective of their famous people.”

Riley said many of her students sewed their own costumes and brought goodies for the younger kids.

“It was a culminating activity for our study of U.S. history,” Riley said

David A. Brown parent Susan Lane said the lesson provided a broader chance for learning.

“Rather than simply teaching by the textbook, taking the tests, or writing the occasional essay, this teacher recognized the opportunity for the kids to truly learn about an individual who made a difference in U.S. history,” Lane said. “In turn, the K-5-graders (at Wildomar Elementary were) able to talk to these 'historical figures' and learn a little bit about U.S. history.”

Stan Crippen May 21, 2011 at 07:39 PM
The Riley's have been phenomenal teachers for years. It is great when you see history come alive like this, and especially to see them share this with the school many of them came from. Great job! ps Mary is a proud Elsinore High Tiger graduate! Stan Crippen, LEUSD Board of Trustees


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