Two Elsinore Students Accused of Spray-Painting Graffiti on Campus Buildings

The sheriff's department announced this week that they've caught two students who recently caused more than $900 in damages to Elsinore High School via graffiti.

According to Riverside County Sheriff's Sgt. Ken Chaffin, the two students— whose names, ages and genders were withheld because they are juveniles— were caught Feb. 10 when they were detained for an unrelated incident.

While they were being detained by school officials, the school resource officer searched the students' belongings— and apparently found some incriminating evidence linking them vandalism discovered on Jan. 7  "...specifically, graffiti spray-painted on several school buildings. graffiti spray-painted on several school buildings," according to Chaffin.

"While conducting a search of the student’s personal effects, several items were located with monikers and tagging art that was similar in appearance to that found on the school buildings several days earlier," Chaffin said.  "Through further investigation, both students were implicated."

Chaffin said both students were arrested, and later released to their parents.  Charges are pending with the juvenile probation office, he told Patch.

AlwaysPO'd February 14, 2014 at 09:37 PM
Julian, yes... beaners. Hispanics are the ones that are law abiding. Show me any other group that tags as much as the young "hispanic" culture, in any meaningful amount, and I might think differently. Nothing racial about it, just factual.
Departure February 15, 2014 at 04:31 AM
Parents simply need to stop condoning to these types of actions the parents and their kids should have consequences. P.s. people need to realize it's not only "beaners" but immature adolescents. There are plenty of of other races ( Caucasians, african-Americans) that tag as much as Hispanics! So GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!
Stephanie Leon February 15, 2014 at 09:10 PM
I still love the idea of caning, like in Singapore...
David Anton May 30, 2014 at 07:46 PM
Tagging is the gateway offence leading to higher forms of organized crime (tagging crews...punk gangs...not-so-punk gangs....hard-core gangs....death/prison). You've seen the "OCP" monikers all around town (Out Causing Panic). Its originator is serving a life sentence, isn't that right Mr. R.E.? And Mr. R.E. is only 27 years old now, he was hard-core by the age of 21. I don't have a solution to wayward kids looking for kicks, but as a society, we are failing to take a stand and become involved toward reaching a solution other than building more rooms at the Grey Bar Motel at our expense.
David Anton May 30, 2014 at 08:03 PM
Restoring greater levels of respect for others and their property could move society closer to tag-free surfaces. But where do we start. Society's elected leaders are corrupt and can't be trusted to do what they promise to do, no respect for them is earned. Well-paid representatives of justice are also corrupt and cannot be respected, though don't show any disrespect or a crime will be afforded you, though the disrespect (lack of trust) is manifested in refusal to help fight crime. The criminal forces have more respect, though the consequences of dissing the crime lords is far worse, farther-reaching and there's no due process to slow their justice down.


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