The State and Future of the Solar Industry

Stellar Solar examines the State of the Industry after a significant New York Times piece on photovoltaic solar has been published.

The New York Times has published an important article detailing the rise of solar energy in the last decade. We at Stellar Solar wanted to share the story and discuss The piece notes the importance of the solar lease which companies are increasingly offering due to industry investment from large companies and banks.

Part of the reason people seem slow to embrace solar is because of a widespread perception that green technology is inefficient and how solar is an unstable industry.  However, many are now finding that with financial backing, companies are able to offer no money down leases. This means that going solar immediately benefits everybody involved. The home owner or business receives a reduced bill, the financiers get tax credits with a chunk of the monthly payment, and solar companies are able to target a whole new market of potential solar customers.

Both we and the New York Times agree that the future does look good for photovoltaic solar electricity. There will be a need for cheaper electricity. More people will use electric vehicles, oil prices rise, and the cost of solar panels decrease while becoming more efficient. Building-integrated solar is already in use, with roofing shingles that also serve as solar panels.

Stellar Solar offers a twenty year lease with SunPower, a solar manufacturer recently supplemented by $325 million worth of financing. These funds are to be designated towards SunPower’s U.S. residential leasing program. For a more detailed look at the solar industry and more information on the new SunPower financing, check out the links below:



For more information on going green check out: http://www.stellarsolar.net/

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Thunder August 13, 2012 at 03:17 PM
the real reason people are slow to adopt solar power is the high cost that is quickly coming down. no one buys high when prices are dropping. by the time your 20 year lease is over solar power will be 1/16th the price you paid. it just doesn't make sense. it's like buying a pc in the 80's.
Teller of Truth August 13, 2012 at 03:35 PM
I was contemplating solar power as far back as the 80's. You're right Thunder, about the cost being a huge deterrent. More people will be inclined to purchase it as the price is reduced. Like I always said, solar power is a great technology and the way to go.
Ken Mayes August 13, 2012 at 06:02 PM
The solar industry is nothing more than a tax shelter for the rich. Take away the state and federal subsidies and you have an industry that cannot survive on its own.
Stellar Solar August 13, 2012 at 10:47 PM
Hi Thunder, While it’s true that solar panels prices have been dropping over the past 4 years, we actually saw prices hit a ‘bottom’ earlier this year and they have actually started to go back up. The 20 year lease enables you to have an energy bill rate that will be fixed every month. Your bills will be at a reduced rate compared to SDGE’s costs that still go up 3-5% over time. Even if solar may be cheaper after twenty years, you’ll still likely save 40-60% of the cost of your electricity bill going solar. Check out this link to our web page on the solar lease for more info. Even if you only have a $100 electric bill a solar system could save you around $38,000 over this time period. http://www.stellarsolar.net/sunpower-solar-lease.html
Stellar Solar August 13, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Hi Ken, We would encourage you to check out solar leasing, which has made solar available to any home owner with good credit. Even with a cash purchase route, solar can pay for itself in as few as five years, depending on your electric bill.


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