Wildomar City Council Meeting - April

Thank you to local blogger, Joseph Morabito, for getting this out to us! I was at the meeting and I always enjoy his take on these events.
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City Council Tackles the General Plan Update

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Marsha Swanson and she reminded those in attendance that the  meeting was going to be less formal than a regular meeting, this being a "workshop" style and all. Council Member Tim Walker was on the rack, with the flu, and had to take a standing 8 count at home.


Planning Director Matt Bassi reiterated that this General Plan Update didn't cover any land uses or roadway changes. A pared down version of a comprehensive update which would cost upward of $1.5 million.


The council was shown a presentation by planner Mark Teague. For those of us at the previous workshops on the subject, it was a lot of review. I had to feel for the young daughter of our Chief of Police that was in attendance... it was difficult enough for those thirty years out of high school to maintain attention, and I can only imagine the test of endurance it was for someone with many years of schooling ahead of them.


For any one that would like to view the Wildomar General Plan Update just click here.


After the presentation, it was time for public comments. There were comments by several locals, and many good points were made. I particularly liked Ken Mayes saying, "I'm in a fog right now," due to the overwhelming complexity of trying to go through the whole GPU in one meeting. Followed by, "I've got a big email coming.


Notable comments:

Bob Cashman wanting to have community meetings at one of the local schools.

Ben Benoit, sharing concerns with Monte Goddard (and me too) about the wording about City Wide CFD (Community Facilities Districts aka Mello-Roos) for new roads. It was explained that it was "city wide" for new developments. The wording is going to be clarified for the final document.

Water Use and new development. Discussion about front yards/lawns

Bob Cashman discussing housing density. Particularly a passage that states a developer "'shall provide at least the minimum density', I don't see why that has to be."

Bob Cashman mentions submitting a long list of concerns. Mayor Marsha Swanson mentioned wanting all concerns to be sent in. This is the place to send them.


All told, there were not that many people in attendance. There were less than twenty people there, and I probably knew all but one or two of their names. Let me suggest that you take this link so you can sign up for city Stay Connected. For City of Wildomar updates and posting of new information of interest to you, subscribe to Stay Connected. You’ll get emailed messages alerting you to what’s new, with links that will take you directly to where you want to go.



Here's what I took away from the evening.


Yes, we need a General Plan Update, especially since what we have is a remnant of when we were part of the county. That said, whatever gets put into such a document isn't something akin to the US Constitution. Times change, as do places, and if Wildomar had been incorporated 100 years ago, I'm guessing their general plan may have had the town elders looking to preserve the "rural feel" they grew up with and mandate no parcels be under ten acres.


It's not an insult to take a realistic look at our area, and resolve to make it the best Wildomar possible. 


Take an aerial view of our city. It is a hodgepodge of  old and new houses, old and new buildings, rolling hills, flood plains and all with a freeway haphazardly bifurcating us all with a galliwompous twist. Our city wasn't just put into a pristine place such as the Santa Rosa Plateau, like a Laguna Niguel or a Mission Viejo was.



If you want to get me to laugh in your face, try and sell me that we are a Ranch Community. Ha!


I can't think of any Ranches here... certainly not enough to be called a Ranch Community.


Yes, we are very diverse, and though I heard it again tonight, that "people moved here because it's rural," I beg to differ.

Today's city population is over 32,000. The population in 1990 was 10,411.

I guran-dang-tee you that most came here because it was what they could afford... whether it was rural or not was way down on the list of most of that population influx. As the next generation comes of age they won't be looking to have large lots... and there won't be enough water for them to take care of them anyway.

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Ken Mayes April 25, 2014 at 10:46 AM
lotsahelp - not mention in Joseph Morabito's blog was the public comment to the council members that they need to do more in getting the word out to the public. For this I once again wish to express my thanks to you. Hopefully they will take your advice and we will see more community involvement in the construction of this very important document which will define the future of Wildomar.
lotsahelp April 26, 2014 at 12:15 AM
TY Ken. I hope so too! I think as you put it there is a lot! I went to two of the planning commission meetings on it. It is often a very dry document but things have changed since 8 years ago and it is important for people to share their ideas. Maybe people want more tracts like windsong with small lot sizes, or maybe they want to put things in place to help grow commercial business. Whatever... but it would be nice to hear from more than just a few of us.
Kathleen Hamblin April 26, 2014 at 11:11 PM
If anyone wants to know what the citizen's of Wildomar want, you need to watch the video and review the suggestions we gave at the 2009 Town Hall Meeting Work Shop we had at the Lake Elsinore High School. Bob Cashman was there so maybe he can provide the information to the current city council members that did not attend. Joesph don't assume that the citizen's of Wildomar don't like our city to look like a hodgepodge of houses and old and new buildings and rolling hills and barns and open fields and cow's and all different kinds of trees and flood plains and businesses and unique PEOPLE. Yes, we like the "free rural". We are a bed room community with a small town feel in case you weren't aware and don't go there comparing us to any city in O.C. We are not and never will look like that cookie cutter plastic fantastic superficial gag me with a spoon place! How do you know most of the people moved here because it was what they could afford. You sure have a nerve assuming that! Do you have a crystal ball that says we won't have water in the future to care for the land? It sounds like you want to live in a concrete jungle.
Rae Anne Resident April 27, 2014 at 10:42 AM
3 cheers for kathleen. I was born here but evryone I noed that moved her came for the way Wildomar has no rime or reason to it. we love it how queerky we is. we love how baxter takes a sharp left an is all the sudden central. we love how palomar takes a curve into mission trails. we aint never gonna be some stupid place that was desined and well thinked out like plastic orange county or murrieta and temekula to. we aint superfishal here and we is real down to the earth folk we aint into fake finery that they have in the city and we dont want no one trying to force us to live better. not no way not no how.


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