Wildomar General Plan Update Meeting Recap

Thank you to Joseph Morabito for his ability to give our citizens a quick recap of the meeting. I am providing you a link if you care to see his pictures from the powerpoint presentation and his video. http://wildomarrap.blogspot.com/2014/02/general-plan-update-meeting-recap.html

Tonight's meeting was attended by very few people and it was over in about 40 mins.
There were only a three public speakers following a 15 minute presentation by Mark Teague.

For all the hand wringing done about our city needing a"Wildomar Specific" General Plan, you'd have thought that some of the usual suspects would have come to register their opinions.
Instead, there were next to no people there.
Not counting myself, or those connected to the city in some way, I think there were less than half a dozen average Wildomarians there.

 The power point presentation will be on the city's website this week. http://cityofwildomar.org/ 

My favorite exchange was between longtime resident Sheila Urlaub and Matt Bassi on the topic of lawsuits.

There will be a workshop style meeting this March 5th. This is where you're supposed to bring your photos of things you like or dislike about how you'd like Wildomar to look. 

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Martha L. Bridges February 27, 2014 at 11:45 AM
There are things this council has done which we evidently cannot change or withdraw from without serious legal and financial ramifications. Take for instance the overall costs of belonging to the Animal Friends of the Valley Joint Powers Authority (JPA). I guess the people of Wildomar are stuck with the $9.5 million price tag for this fool hearty decision. That is the cost we will have to pay over the life of the bond, and at the end of that road we will have no legal interest in the property or the buildings. __________________________________________________________ However, that should not stop Wildomar's citizens from examining the circumstances under which the city council made this hasty decision. At the very least we should let our dissatisfaction with the council's poor judgment and lack of debate over this ill-conceived resolution be known. We may not be able to escape the terrible burden of this bad decision, but we can voice our objections to the point of not allowing a repetition of what is in reality a financial disaster for our city. __________________________________________________________ These elected officials and their chosen staff are, in fact, OUR employees, and we have every right to evaluate their performance and demand they reform their policies and procedures to achieve a better decision making process to safeguard our future.
lotsahelp February 27, 2014 at 09:11 PM
I like AFV(I know you do too martha) but no I don't like what we are paying for it. And while we need to learn from it we can't undo it without a great cost. I think it was a tough learning experience for all the council people at the time. I do think they learned from it. I don't think it is the end of our city as we know it nor do I think it is the worst mistake I have seen a public official do.____________________I do agree that the elected officials work for us. All the way up to the President. But I think it is unfair to say they are all incompetant or to imply they are "on the take" when we don't like what they do. Some of what they have done that YOU don't like others of us do like. I think we have one council member who literally phones it in too often. And I also don't believe in council members or planning commissioners serving for too many years. I like new blood(yes new residents even) to bring in new ideas.____


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