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California Lutheran High School
31970 Central St, Wildomar, CA 92595

According to the website, the mission statement for California Lutheran High School is: "Molding theMore Christian Leaders of Tomorrow."

It proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ for eternal salvation and teaches the unchanging will of God, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, for guidance in living. It builds lives on the Christian values of love, respect, faithfulness and service to others through a program of excellence in education in academics, athletics and the arts. It does this to train the next generation of the Christian church and world leaders in the glory of God.

The church claims:  "The dormitory program makes it possible for a student from any part of California, the United States or the world to attend California Lutheran High School. The dormitory provides housing for up to 36 students, 18 males in the male wing and 18 females in the female wing. The dorm is staffed by male and female dorm supervisors who live full time in the dorm. These supervisors have degrees in education and are ready to provide for your student's physical, academic, social and spiritual well being. The dorm program provides food, transportation, guidance and activities, which are covered by the boarding fee."

The school has a football field and several basketball courts. There is outdoor seating, and the campus is dotted with several shade trees.  

Its website gives details about all aspects of the school.

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