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Family oriented woman with a keen sense of fairness and personal responsibility. I own the business, but there's a group of us who run it and who speak for it. I have seen communities in Europe and the United States and there is one common thread that seems to contribute to the breakdown of both families and our communities. That thread is the tendency of people in societies to rally around ideas that make us feel good and consider that as being our contribution to a safe environment. In the United States, it seems that staunch support for politicians, politically motivated people and laws that perpetuate a false sense of safety is favored over truth and justice. I fail to understand how we, as a society, can sit back and ignore the dangers in our society (to our children) in favor of ineffective (and expensive) laws and practices that have been put into place with distorted and (in most cases) outright false information. In our USA families, many of us seem to think that it doesn't matter how much money the government spends on laws and policies, as long as it sounds good and gives us something to look at to make us feel better, regardless of what the truth is. I am a firm believer that the practices that were present back when we hunted witches and placed scarlet letters on people, are no more righteous or correct today than they were back then. I'm outspoken and will state my opinion and back it up with facts and figures as well as remain open to learn from others who have factual information I had not considered. I'm not afraid to own my mistakes and hold myself accountable for what I both say and do. I firmly believe that continuing to believe the propaganda, which perpetuates grave danger to our communities, families and children, is not only dangerous but irresponsible from a parenting standpoint as well as the standpoint of a peaceful, properly functioning community with accountability. It's my firm belief that community education, family education and educating our children as well as proper social interaction are the most effective answers to the problems that plague our communities. 
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