Wildomar Resident
I salute the flag - the flag of the United States of America.
I want what is best for my community, but I am not a Community Activist. I believe I should help those in need, but I don't believe in handouts for everyone and those that can help themselves should. I believe our schools should be run by those with the best interest of our kids in mind, but I don't believe that schools replace our roles as parents. I believe in the laws of the land, not just the laws that are convenient at the time.  If I choose to drive 71 mph on Hwy 15, I deserve a ticket.  If you are an illegal alien, you deserve to be deported. I believe politicians have a difficult task and should be given the respect they deserve, but I don't believe politicians are entitled to reward themselves for life or beyond what the electorate intended.  I believe we owe it to future generations to look after our planet, but I don't believe that we need regulations for everything. I believe that most people are honest and will do the right thing, but if you prove me wrong I don't believe you should expect me to trust you in the future. I believe that humor will help me live a longer and happier life, but I don't believe that there is humor in the suffering of others. I love the United States of America.  I moved here (legally) because I believe this is the greatest place in the world for me to live and raise a family.  I have no use for people who come here and disrespect what we are and who we are - Go home! I believe our military personnel sacrifice an awful lot to make sure that I continue to live in peace, but I don't believe we do the best job of taking care of them, while on active duty or after they are discharged.               
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