Occupy Menifee SATURDAY Rally *NEW DAY AND TIME*

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 29955 Haun Road, Menifee CA @ Newport/Haun Circle K  See map
Each and every Saturday we will be
conducting a food and clothing drive benefiting the Menifee Valley

Community Cupboard to help those not experiencing the American dream of

life, love, freedom and peace. Occupy Menifee believes that
in order to create the change we want to see in our world we must start
here at home.
Here are three ways you can help-
1) As our
Congress has decided to cut SNAP (food stamp) benefits to those in
immediate need of nourishment it is imperative that all of us help to fill that void. No one deserves to go hungry in such a rich nation!
2) Support and shop at our local businesses during this holiday shopping season and everyday after!  
country is in trouble. Companies around the US have followed Walmart's

example and started providing low-pay, temporary and part-time jobs that

don't provide the hours we need to support our families. We all see the

pain of our friends, family and neighbors as they struggle to get by in

the Walmart economy.
Walmart, under majority ownership of the Walton family who now have more wealth than the bottom 42% of
our country combined
, can choose to change the Walmart economy they built.

3) Join us each Saturday as we tell our
neighbors what the government is doing behind closed doors. The United
States government is now working for the large corporations who funnel
unlimited amounts of money through lobbyists and thanks to Citizens
United, Corporations Are People, they donate to the political campaigns,
Super PACS, of OUR representatives in all areas of government. We the
People no longer have a voice in this nation and Occupy Menifee stands
in opposition and refuses to accept these new rules! The mainstream
media does not tell us these things anymore so it is up to every citizen
to learn these truths and spread this knowledge now.
If this outreach strikes you as something
you would like to participate in, please join us each Saturday.
**If it rains we will be meeting at the Yellow Basket on the opposite corner.**


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