Political Cartoons

Political losers make stange bedfellows.
Political losers make stange bedfellows.
So as I was getting schooled (teehee) on what an appropriate political cartoon is last month, I remembered the whole Mohamed Cartoon debacle.

To refresh your memories click follow the link to Wiki.

An attempt to freeze free speech got so hot back then that even Comedy Central refused to air an episode of South Park that had harmless images of, what was supposed to be, the Prophet Mohammed. In the same episode, they had Jesus being defecated on... and that was ok... but not a simple image of Mohammed.

Political speech is what the first ammendment is all about. I drew some political cartoons, about some local rabble rousers, and you'd think the world came to an end. I'm not going to be told by a man with a history of posting vile pictures, all in the name of "satire" (cough), about the limits of good taste when it comes to my political drawings.  At least I drew mine instead of taking other people's copy written works from the internet.

Seriously, that is comedy gold.

I don't read Wildomar Magazine for a couple of solid reasons.
  1. First, the author of it doesn't even live anywhere near this city.
  2. Second, I haven't seen him at a single city meeting or event in so long that I can't remember... yet he's supposed to have any insights at all? What the what???
  3. Third, and very important is —though that blog is rife with mindless vituperation, the author of it doesn't even have the courage of his own convictions, and shuts his comments off.

There are two reasons to shut comments off.
  1. First, is you don't have to deal with the fallout of idiotic statements that you make.
  2. But far more importantly, when you shut off comments, you don't see that NO ONE is bothering in the first place. You can pretend that you are shutting out dozens, if not hundreds of comments, when in fact the only thing you're shutting out is the fawning of the same half dozen rubes —NOTHING MORE.

But keep telling yourself that you're relevant. I think you're almost convinced.

I was told that I was supposed to appologize for one of my political cartoons. Ummm... I don't apologize for things that I intentionally did. Sorry, who the hell do you think you're dealing with... Paula Dean or Michael Richards? If you don't like my opinions or my humor, don't read what I post. It seems pretty straight forward to me.

Post Script:
If I owe anyone an apology it's the 37K subscribers to my youtube channel when I foisted a hurried up project onto them. I have to apologize that I didn't make it funnier, by taking the extra time to have the female character's boob fall off, or better yet, have her take it off and hit the adult baby over the head with it as she told him to "Shaddap!"

Now that would have at least been funny. For that, I'm sorry. :(

here is a link to the animated cartoon of Li'l Zak Turango as he whines about how unfair and unfunny I am.


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