Charges Dropped Against Bail Bondsmen Who Tasered Mayor's Daughter

Charges of misdemeanor battery and trespassing will not be filed against Fausto Atilano or Bryan Stark.

Two bail bondsmen will not be going to court to defend themselves against accusations that they inflicted battery on the adult daughter of a Wildomar City Councilwoman.

Charges of misdemeanor battery and trespassing will not be filed against Fausto Atilano or Bryan Stark, confirmed John Hall, senior public information spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

Atilano is the owner of Fausto’s Bail Bonds in Temecula.

after the two bail bondsmen came looking for a young woman they said failed to comply with the terms of her bail bond agreement.

The men showed up at the home of Swanson’s elderly mother, in the 21200 block of Shoemaker Lane in Wildomar. Scranton and her family also lived at the residence, including Scranton’s then-27-year-old son who was an acquaintance of the young woman the bail bondsmen were seeking.

Swanson, who lives nearby and was at the scene, said at the time that the two men barged through her mother’s front door posing as police officers.

Arguing ensued and Swanson said the men used a Taser gun on Scranton, who had to be taken to the hospital for injuries to her stomach.

In response to the allegations, shortly after the incident Atilano released a press statement that read, “I was on a legally authorized bail recovery/bond surrender of a defendant on a felony bail bond.”

Atilano said the defendant, Erica Lynch, had failed to comply with the terms of her bail bond agreement and was “determined to be a flight risk for her court appearance.”

Atilano continued, “As authorized under the laws of the State of California, I contacted Erica Lynch at the residence in Wildomar.”

Atilano said in the statement that he identified himself and stated his purpose, which was to deliver Lynch to authorities for surrender on her bail bond.

“Upon contacting Erica Lynch, identifying myself and stating the purpose of my contact, I was jumped and attacked by at least four people who were also at the residence and a pit bull,” Atilano said. “This attack included the brandishing of a knife, being charged at with a 2x6 piece of lumber, being punched and kicked in the head and body, while I was on the ground.

“Fearing for my life, I defended myself and attempted to escape this attack,” Atilano continued.

Two days after the incident, Hall confirmed that the district attorney’s office was reviewing misdemeanor battery and trespassing charges against the men, and police said the conduct of the bail bondsmen crossed the line.

"We are going to file charges with the D.A.'s office against the bail bondsmen, " said Lt Mathieu Burden of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

But speaking through email Wednesday night, Hall said he could not comment on why charges against the men were dropped.

Anthony January 06, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Obviously they did have the authority!
Tina Tyra January 06, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Anthony, just because someone gets away with something, that doesn't mean they had the authority. You'd feel differently if they came into your house and slammed you down and tazed your mom. They came into someone's house (not the person who they were looking for) and no one knew what was happening. I know if that happened to me, I'd pick up an equalizer and handle it too. This was just wrong and they sustained a monetary loss because of it. Rambo doesn't belong in someone's living room. They weren't the police.
Roberto January 06, 2012 at 05:52 AM
Jamie Scranton 4:39 pm on Thursday, January 5, 2012 "You are correct Roberto. I am the one who was tased and maced. The reason the DA didn't charge them was lack of evidence, I just went down and picked up the police report and no wonder they were not charged", REPLY: We the citizens in Rail road County are not safe even in our own homes. These Bail Bonds people have connections within the Sherriff department including relatives. The best protection is to put a bullet in them as dead thugs cannot file a lawsuit or have you rail roaded.
Jessica January 06, 2012 at 07:13 AM
jamie scranton, stop lying an start telling the truth , when the bountyhunters went to your door why did you lie an say the fugitive wasnt there, why dont you talk about the crystal meth that your son an the fugitive were smoking in your living room oh did you for get
jess meta January 06, 2012 at 07:27 AM
Seeing the comments from the former mayor leaves my mind baffeled. At what point in ones career does it seem to be a valid decision, for a mayor, to hide a tattoo laden parolee fugitive in her residence? If my memory serves correctly, the fugitive was located in her residence. The fugitive resisted arrest. The family members attacked the bail agent, one person was tazed and another subdued with less than lethal force. A simple read of the law (taylor v. taintor) illustrates the bail agents right to enter any residence to capture an escape fugitive. Obviously the district attorney conducted legal research and confirmed Fausto was acting in accordance with the law. However, the mayor seems to turn a blind eye towards her culpability. She claim to not have received favoritism, when, in truth, she was not arrested for harboring a fugitive. Had that been anyone other than a mayor, an arrest would have been made.
jess meta January 06, 2012 at 07:27 AM
Speaking from my personal experience, Fausto was one of the most highly decorated police officers in the State of California. He had been honored with the medal of valor, and credited for many saved lives. Moreover, it is important to note, Fausto has been in the bail agency for 20 years, and the mayor claims he departed from southwest; however, at the time he was a police officer, southwest had not even been built. This fact, coupled with the fact that Fausto was never charged with any crimes, and the fact that the fugitive was found in the mayor's residence points unerringly towards her failure to see the truth for what it is: She got caught harboring a fugitive
jess meta January 06, 2012 at 07:35 AM
As an example of ignorance breading ignorance, "lake elsinore resident" has proffered a shoddy basis for his/her position. First, in Arizona, it was not a bailbondsman who was involved in the Arizona incident, it was three men posing as bounty hunters. Second, the crime was robbery not a homicide. Third, isn't it true that California did, in fact, have a bailbond regulation statute (PC 1299) and it was repealed in 2010? Hmmm...Nice comment...for being completely inaccurate.
jess meta January 06, 2012 at 07:38 AM
Tina, nice thought. How about next time someone observes a crime in progress, the police stand outside the area until innocent people are no longer involved. Better yet, if there is a bar fight, why don't the police stand outside until the uninvolved parties evacuate the bar before police intervene? Under your logic, you would argue that the people with special skill and training suspend implementation of those skills to apprehend a fugitive until the other occupants of the house leave. Hmm...have you ever seen the TV show Cops?
jess meta January 06, 2012 at 07:43 AM
As the former mayor of Wildomar, I would think you would be well versed in the local government. You libelously claim Fausto was fired as a guard from southwest for introducing drugs to the jail. First, to demonstrate your ineptitude, Fausto has been a bail agent for 20 years. Thus, he was a bail agent long before southwest was even built, and as such, never worked there. Second, I have known Fausto for decades, and worked along his side in law enforcement. He is highly regarded in the profession as an honest and ethical man, decorated by his department, and honored by the loved ones whose lives he has saved. And last, but not least, if your son pulled a knife on me, or any other police officer, he would have been lawfully shot under the "plus one use of force" laws which permit any person to meet force with one level of force greater than introduced.
jess meta January 06, 2012 at 07:50 AM
Oh TIna, your ignorance is humorous. You claim that people would feel differntly if in their position. Hopefully you don't hide fugitives in your residence. If you do, you should not be surprised when bounty hunters come in search of the person. Hopefully, you don't have drugs strewn throughout the residence. Hopefully, you would not bring a knife to a gunfight. Hopefully, you would not be the mayor at the time these activities went down. But, if you do find yourself in that position, I would hope you would not have the audicity to cry about being tazed and left to pay an ambulance bill. Because I would be greatful that I was only tazed and not killed for brandishing a weapon. Read: Taylor v. Taintor, which is a United States Supreme Court case describing the rights of a bail agent. Under your argument, everyone is wrong except the mayor. Could it be that you are ill informed?
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 01:51 PM
This is not the mayor making comments u guys can't even read what is in front of you and get the facts right why cuz none of u were there and your comments r laughable!!! The fugitave was never found at mayors house and Jessica the girl was never in my living room, I think ur the one on drugs. We did not know she was down stairs in the garage with my son who never pulled a knife on anyone. None of us knew these men were bondsmen they came to my house the friday before this happened on Mon and told me and my grandmother the were POLICE and handed me a card that I still have that says nothing about a bails bond co.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 01:56 PM
It says investigator his name a sheriffs star in corner riverside county and a cell number. They came to the door that fri asking if I knew this girl I told them we had just met her about a week before she is a friend of my sons but dont know a lot about her, They told my husband and I she was involved in robbing the ampm on bundy at gunpoint I told them because thinking they were police as they said they were I let them come in search the house I even called the number to her cell phone right infront of the fake cops to see if she would answer so they could talk to her (they asked me to do this) There was no answer just her voicemail. They then asked me to get in there car that is set up just like an unmarked police car cage and all and take them by where my son met her.Stupid me said ok and when I got in I said Ive never been in the back of a cop car before it kinda makes me nervous they replied oh dont be nervous just relax!!!! Not hey this is not a cop car and we are not cops!!! I was taught to always cooperate with police and that is what I thought I was doing, I drove with them and showed them the only place I knew where they might be because I knew thats where my son met her. and they drove me home.Before I got out I laughed and told them my grandma was glad they were in an unmarked car because if they were in a regular police car she would worry about what the neighbors would think.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Their answer to me was if anyone asks just tell them your sons bicycle was stolen and we were investigating that. I said ok. again neither one said were not police were bondsmen and we think this girl broke her bail agreement. No they flat out lied to my face more than once telling me they were cops.I told them I would call the number on their card if I see her. They left. Well my mother being the Mayor at the time gets all the reports on what crimes have been committed in Wildomar before anybody and because their card just didnt look right with only a cell number on it. I asked her over the weekend if there had been a robbery at the ampm of course there had not. Again a lie/ I gave her the card because on monday she took it to the chief of police to ask if these men were cops he looked at the card and said NO I don't know who these men r but I know they are not riverside county cops like the card says. If u see them again dont talk to them cuz we dont know who they r. So she was actually up at my house telling me all this and that we should be real careful of these men because they could be badmen because who lies about being a police man
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Fausto ex partner went to jail for impersonating a cop ????? So I was kinda scared now because I had got into a car with 2 very large men that I didnt know and only did because they told me they were police. As my mother me and my grandma were talking there was a knock at the front door I looked out the little window and said speak of the devil mom thats one of the men that was here What do we do?So we both went to the door and as I opened it the first thing I said was I dont know who you are but you told me you were a police officer he replied I never stated that and my mother said you need to go away from here I gave your card to the chief of police and ur not a cop.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:00 PM
That was all that was said and my mother tried to shut the front door and he put his foot in our house so we couldn't shut it again never did he say we are BOUNTY HUNTERS why not did i not totally cooperate with them telling the truth about everything i knew 2 days before that. As we tried to shut the door now very scared because he was trying to get in the house there was a girl who screamed in the backyard. my husband went running by us to the back door I followed him cuz i knew our gate was locked and no one should be in there including my son and his friend, We had no idea that the 2 were in the garage. It has a separate entrance to the back with only 2 keys my husband had one and my son had one. When we heard the girl scream all three of us me my husband and my mother ran to the back deck that overlooks the yard. The man at the door then pushed our door open and ran through the house behind us. when we looked over the rail the man now known as fausto had his knee in the middle of my sons back has hand grabbed on to the back of his shirt not once but in the time it took my husband and i to get down the stairs he pulled my sons face about 2 ft off the concrete and slammed his face three times into the cement there was blood flying everywhere
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:01 PM
my mother ran right back in and dialed 911 to get police out here quick cuz we have 2 intruders and 1 is beating my grandson face into the ground fausto broke my sons nose and he had 2 black eyes we dont have a portable phone so my mom stayed on with 911 till police arrived on scene if anyone doubts we are lying ask for a copy of the 911 tape it recorded just about everything im sure.my husband saw what was going on and grabed the mans arm to pull him off my son and I will tell u if we went down the stairs and saw my son on top of this man beating his face into the ground he would have done the same thing and grabbed our sons arm to pull him off. as my husband grabbed his arm fausto stood up but still had my son s shirt in his other hand and wouldn't let go all my son was trying to do was get away from this 220lb man who takes steroids we found out later no wonder he was so aggressive
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:01 PM
i was almost to the last step when he told my husband back off or ill tase you and pulled his taser out with one hand and holding my son in the other my husband let go and backed away about a ft I stepped down the last stair and looked up at fausta yelling who are you how did u get in here and instead of him stating im a bounty hunter he said nothing and shot his taser gun at me I was 10 to 15 ft from this man in barefeet and pajamas not beliving I was just shot. at the bottom of the stairs is the doorway to the garage so i grabbed the doorframe so I wouldnt fall down and yanked both wires one hit my stomach the other my chest.out. I think out of shock because i couldnt believe he just shot me. when i pulled the wires out one came completely out the wire and the barb the other barb stayed in me just the wire pulled out and the barb that looks like a corkscrew with a fishhook on the end stayed embedded in my stomach. I blacked in and out for a second but never fell down.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:02 PM
The other man that ran through our house was right behind me he saw what fausto was doing and wanted no part of it he knew fausta was really messing up after he shot me my son yelled you shot my mom and I then ran at him thinking he just shot me hes not leaving till the real police get here mind u the whole time this girl was cuffed standing there not running not fighting just yelling for fausto to stop. His partner stood there while my husband wrapped his arms around fausto to put this guy on the ground to stop him from hurting anyone else.when he did that my son was able to get loose from faustos grip and he started running down to get help from my father who was coming up the path because he heard the screaming from his house and as soon as he stepped into a yard he had his cell phone and dialed 911 not knowing my mom was still on the phone with 911 in the house. All he knew is he saw 2 strange men in the yard so hes telling 911 get someone here quick we have intruders he also didnt put his phone down till police arrived he was watching trying to describe what was going on at the time. When my husband wrapped his arms around fausto my husband only wheighs about 145lb and could not stop fausta from swinging and fighting so I jumped on his back tased and all and kicked the back of his knees to bring him to the ground and it did.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:03 PM
my husband never kicked him because he never let go of his arms afraid if he did this guy would kill us. Again his partner still standing by just watching not trying to help fausto because he knew we were just holding him to the ground. I hit Fausta while we had him on the ground yelling who r u why did u shoot me at that point he was yelling for his partner to get us off him his partner walked over put a gun to my husbands head and said let him up we said no because as soon as we do hes going to start hurting us again. he repeated let him up so we did. my husband and son went up the stairs and into the house at my dads direction and I ran to our locked gate and stood there with my back to the fence holding on with both hands saying ur not leaving until police get here. The only people out there now was me holding onto the fence so I didnt falldown from the pain of the barb still stuck in my stomach the handcuffed girl my 67yr dad who is STILL talking with 911 telling them to hurry.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:04 PM
Fausto and his partner . How threatened could they have been fausto wanted to grab the girl and get out of our yard fast before police arrived him and his partner both had cell phones why didnt they once call 911 for help I know because they were the bad guys. my dad is standing about 10 ft from me and fausto is demanding i get the key and let him out my answer was u jumped my fence to get in here and im not letting u out till police get here i dont know who u are and before i even finished my sentence he pulled out a can of mase took astep towards me held the can up about 2 ft infront of my face sprayed me directly in the eyes my hands were still holding the fence they never once let go by now there was about 10 neighbors standing in our front yard watching him mase me for no reason except that i wouldnt get the key to let him out. he was not being threatened or fearing for his life if he was all he or his partner had to do was dial 911 to get the police there but he was 2 busy spraying me.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:04 PM
my husband saw him mase me from inside the house through the kitchen window which upset him again how would u feel or what would u do if 2 strange men were assaulting your wife in ur own backyard so my husband came back down the stairs grabbed a 4x6 piece of wood that was laying on the ground and took 1 step towards where this guy and i were standing my husband never even left the cement which was about 30 to 40 ft from us when my dad said put it down and go back in the house the police will take care of it so immediately he did/ and fausto or his partner still have not said who they were even after he mased me tased me and im yelling the real police will find out who u are your not going till they get here. fausto then pulled out a real gun and started waiving and pointing it at me my dad and just in the air demanding me to get the key my dad is yelling at 911 hurry this idiot has a real gun. at that point the police arrived my husband brought the key down unlocked the gate.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:06 PM
The first thing fausto said to the police is i want her arrested I am a bailsbond man and took out a business card stating he was. I didnt know who or what they were doing at my house until an officer told me. These men well let me rephrase that fausto was so out of control and dishonest his partner stood there the whole time not wanting anything to do with what was going on except for 1 instance to tell us to let fausto up he stood off to the side not calling 911 even though he had a phone in his pocket he looked as if he didnt want to get in trouble and knew fausto relly crossed the line. I was then taken to the hospital by ambulance to wash mase out of my eyes and remove the metal barb that was still in my stomach which left a permanent hole and scar/ for life.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:07 PM
And the whole thing with the knife yes my son carries a small pocket knife on him always along with his wallet and some junk in his pockets when fausto busted in the garage door and put the girl in handcuffs he told my son to get on the ground that he was arresting him and taking him to jail. Because none of our family had saw him or the girl since we found out these men were not police he still thought they were so when he thought he was going to jail he took his wallet his crap and yes his pocketknife out of his pockets and threw them all in his room so he didnt go to jail with it. The knife was never opened or pointed at anyone he just emptied his pockets to go to jail once he did that is when fausto threw him on the ground outside to handcuff him I think he thinks hes god and above the law and can arrest or hurt anybody at anytime he wants. So far it looks like he can. I stay at home take care of my grandmother and keep to myself why would i want to lie about this I want nothing to do with it but if someone does not stand up and do something about it more innocent people are going to get hurt.
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:07 PM
I'm not a writer and i dont type so well so im sure there are many mistakes in this long story but i didnt type it to be pretty i just wanted you disbelievers to know what really happened I have no reasons to lie about Fausto I didnt even know who he was or why he was at my house its been after the fact that ive learned MANY things about this man that a lot of people dont know and yes he has not been charged with any crimes yet he still seems to commit them thats the point Jess He and his bounty hunters are no more than hired thugs and are going to fatally hurt someone if they are left to run amuck if it already hasn't happened???????????? .
Jamie Scranton January 06, 2012 at 02:16 PM
The mayor is not commenting at least get the right persons name when your trying to dis someone. I told the story no more no less just the truth i'm sorry jess you can't handle the truth but it is what it is!!!!!
Roberto January 06, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Just another corrupt former Cop impersonating a police officer. To bad they can violate civil rights without impunity. Typical Riverside County corruption.
Tina Tyra January 06, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Jess, first of all, you need to get educated. Jamie was not the former mayor. The Mayor was her mother. Secondly, no one was "harboring a fugitive". The young girl was a guest in their home, simply hanging out with Jamie's son. When was the last time you did a background check on anyone entering your home, much less a young lady? "Fugitive" is a strong word as well. How dangerous was this young lady? She flaked out on a bond and yes, that's serious, but it wouldn't have required violence to take her into custody. It's the method that's being questioned. You should get your facts straight next time before commenting on something you know nothing about. Maybe you're a relative of the rogue bounty hunter...?
Roberto January 07, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Its strange to see the comments of the vigilante justice regulars when a former police officer thug violates the civil rights of this victimized family. Where is the outrage? We in Rail Road County have inferior police service that as taxpayers should require accountability. Instead, we allow our civil rights to be trampled by rogue retired Cops drawing fat pensions and circumventing our right to feel secure in our own homes.
Roberto January 08, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Judge, District Attorney and police Officers are interconnected. This is why there is no accountibility and mass coruption. No one is safe from having their civil tights violated.
Tonto January 08, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Line the pockets , nothing else seems to matter. Our society and government continues to implode :(


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