Jeffries, Stone Invite Public to Reception

The reception will be held prior to the swearing-in ceremony.

Supervisor-elect Kevin Jeffries and Supervisor Jeff Stone announced Friday that they will host a free reception preceding the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

The reception—which will begin at 8 a.m. at the County Administrative Center—will give the public an opportunity to meet with both elected officials.

The former state assemblyman, who will represent Lake Elsinore and Wildomar, also said it was an "opportunity" to thank supporters.

Jeffries said he plans to hold another reception in Lake Elsinore in the future.

LAKE ELSINORE RESIDENT December 29, 2012 at 04:15 PM
What will they be serving, b.s.
True Authority December 30, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Only if you show up.
Michelle Randall December 30, 2012 at 08:19 PM
I was wondering if Stone was smart enough to belly up to the Sheriff's Association's front man, Kevin Jeffries. Stone clearly understands that his next term in office will depend on how he gets along with those thugs running the Sheriff's union. How to get an honest man out of office? Well, first you spend many hundreds of thousands of union dollars (nothing out of your own pockets) running your own candidate as well as slandering the incumbent county-wide for several years. The union knows it's safe to slander because the person being slandered must pay for their own defense or bear the slander. Next, the union runs its own unknown candidate to split the primary vote and announces to its members that it will spend any amount of money necessary to defeat the incumbent and put its own front-man in office. The union (representing Code Enforcement officers) gathers names of people with Code violations against them and calls are made to recruit them with promises made to make their Code violations disappear if the "oppressive" encumbent is defeated. Sheriff's officers represented by the Sheriff's Association (union) man the phones to convince voters not to vote for the encumbent. Last but not least, the opponant, Kevin Jeffries, runs blatantly as a Republican for a non-partisan county office.
Roberto December 30, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Soubrious is a perennial candidate that ran before and most likly will run after Kevin Jefferies. The City of Riverside Supervisor Bob Buster is now gone and sour grape allegations with no merit and unsustantiated are being cast. Kevin Jefferies to survive will have no choice but to cut wages and benefits of RSA payroll leaks. Last time I checked, Kevin Jefferies was a republican and Bob Buster was an Independent because of the negative name democrat cast here in south-west riverside county.
Michelle Randall December 30, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Actually, Roberto, Soubirous is a perennial Sheriff's Association candidate's name. The last Soubirous the union ran was Linda Soubirous, who was Mike's wife. She ran the most disgustingly dishonest campaign for the union I have had the misfortune to see. She slandered Supervisor Buster mercilously and claimed to be a poor, sad Sheriff's widow without mentioning that she had remarried. At that time, the Sheriff's union was also slandering Supervisor Buster. I became so disgusted that I actually wrote to the CA State District Attorney and requested that the Sheriff's Association be charged with Election Fraud. Maybe that rattled the Association's cage because they crawled back into their hole and just worked silently behind the scenes this time. Trust me, I make NO unsubstantiated allegations.
Michelle Randall December 30, 2012 at 10:49 PM
By the way, Roberto, One lady called me before the ballots went out and asked if Supervisor Buster was a Democrat or a Republican. I told her I thought he was an Independant, but it didn't matter since the office was non-partisan. She was elderly and simply could not grasp the idea of non-partisan. She finally called me back to say she was sorry, but her husband said they were registered Republicans so they could only vote for the Republican candidate. Is that sad or what? A good little brainless Republican soldier, in line with all the others. Personally, I'm registered as a Democrat but don't hold that against me. I have the same contempt for Democratic politicians as I have for Republican politicians at the moment and I try to vote for the best man (if there is one).
Roberto December 31, 2012 at 06:57 AM
I'm no friend of Unions especially unions that are destoying our county givernment and fiscally bankrupting us. I'm also no friend of those who promote school bonds whilst the forcing lottery money on schools then siphoning off the tax dollars through the general fund. Democrats promote both these practices and yes Buster once suggested that registering as an independent was a way of getting around the south-west riverside anti-liberal name tag. If my recollection serves me, either yourself or your husband promoted a school bond on us that failed a while back. My vote for Kevin Jefferies was easy, he is for fiscal responsibility and accountibility and he's backed it up by foregoing a County pension. I'll betcha Buster draws his 100,000 dollar plus pension for life. I don't like RINO's or liberals and never will. Kevin Jefferies to this extent, will serve us well.
Michelle Randall December 31, 2012 at 07:19 PM
Roberto, I think you and I shouldn't argue. We seem to agree on a lot of things. Could you please back up your information on Supervisor Buster's reason for registering as an Independant? It just doesn't make sense to me because by doing that Supervisor Buster lost the backing of the Democrats. I'm sure there are just as many pathetic little brainless Democratic soldiers who wait to be told how to vote as there are pathetic little brainless Republican soldiers. Neither my husband and I are political. We are a pair of old fogies and are far from caring about school bonds, so you are dead flat wrong there. Also, Jeffries opting out of the PERS retirement system means, at the very least, money in his pocket and his paycheck will jump up. Have you checked to see if he signed up for SS benefits as an option? How about the IRA contribution? Did he also opt out of that? There's lots of ways he could twist things to make it look good and still come out ahead.
Roberto December 31, 2012 at 08:02 PM
This was a personal converstaion many years ago between Bob and myself many years ago. I actually like Bob Buster but after 20 years? It was time for a change and never considered his being a Democrat or Independent an issue. his 20 years in office and I know Democrats who make Republicans look like liberals and vice-versa. I've known Bob Buster for 20 years and Kevin for at least 25 years and I say both are good men doing the best they can. It was time for a change. I might have mixed you and your husband up with a couple that lives in Horsethief Canyon and their letters to the editor many years ago....
Michelle Randall January 01, 2013 at 07:54 AM
Roberto, There were several things I really liked about Supervisor Buster. One of them was his sense of balance and caring about quality of life issues. He never just turned this district over to the developers without considering the consequences. Look at Eastvale. Supervisor Tavaglione caved in to the developers and in just a few short years allowed them to build an entire almost-instant park-less, trail-less city without considering quality of life issues. Where are the parks, trails, community centers and libraries in Eastvale. With miles and miles of houses, shopping centers and strip malls, where do the kids play?. Where do the families from all those new houses go to relax? Under Supervisor Buster, the First District not only gained outstanding housing developments, but jobs, libraries, community centers, fire stations, parks, trails, open spaces and clean industry. That’s a great legacy! I think the main reason I'm grieving the loss of Supervisor Buster to our district is that his focus on quality of life issues always made me feel safe. On top of that, Supervisor Buster was dead, flat honest. I never felt I'd have to follow him around to see if he was actually attending the meetings he was paid to attend or if he was arriving, signing in and immediately leaving. As a taxpayer, with Jeffries at the state level, I want my money back.
Roberto January 01, 2013 at 08:38 PM
When Bob Buster beat Joan Sparkman for 1st district Supervisor 20 years ago it was against all odds. Buster did good things and not-so-good and to be fair, 20 years as Supe is a long time! Jefferies was like a lame duck at the state level and so will anyone who takes his place including double dip corrupt Malicious Melendez. The State Assembly and for that matter state politics are controlled by liberals which isn't good for our area. You obviously don't know Buster's history when it came to parks in our area. No CSA's, CSD's or any other planning has left area's like the City of Wildomar having to play catch up and agsain, the state givernment that is not partial to conservatives, left us holding the bag. Kevin Jefferies in my opinion as a resident of Lakeland Village and life long resident of South-West Riverside County understands the history that brought us to where we are now and is our best hope to undo the corruption that developers before and after Buster did to our communities. Again, to be fair, Buster tried to undo some of the damage such as drainage ditches passed off as parks but his priorities are in Riverside, not south-west riverside county.
Michelle Randall January 02, 2013 at 06:48 PM
Actually, Roberto, it sounds more like I failed you. I was one of Supervisor Buster's Trails Committee members for about 6 years. Do you know Gary Andre from your area? He was the Trails Committee member for everything south of hwy 74 . When he left because of his health I had the whole district. I responded to anyone who contacted me, but unfortunately, I am not clairvoyant. I do know that Sup Buster was responsible in your area for adding a section of conserved land to the Santa Rosa Plateau, acquiring Sylvan Meadows and more recently, improving the Visitor's Center. The way I have assured parks and trails in my part of the District has been to meet with Park Dept. staff and developers, then get my buns to their Planning Commission hearings. Did you do that, or are you mad that Sup Buster didn't read your mind and do it for you? Just a few days ago, I heard that Jeffries replaced our outstanding parks, trails and open spaces orientated Planning Commissioner, John Roth, with a lady who is an employee of major developers. I expect this district to rapidly go to hell in a handbasket. With this, Roberto, I'm going to release you from this discussion. I want to tell you that it has been a pleasure having an exchange of ideas with a clearly intelligent person who is able to carry on a conversation without a bunch of mudslinging and personal insults. Thank you.
Roberto January 02, 2013 at 07:46 PM
No problem. Yes, I'm very familiar with the Trails, Parks and open space, nature conservancy etc. Most of us have full time jobs and unlike developers whose job it is 24/7 to wear out pencils and short change us before they move on to their next victims. I'll find out who this lady is and make sure she's held accountable to our area since I don't know anything about her. It would be nice if all the Quimby fee's collected in for our area for parks were there but my guess is they disappeared into the general fund a long time ago along with all the flood control property deeded as parks in lieu of Quimby fee's. Take care and yes I know how difficult it is to plan for our communities when only this developers have a say and "It's mitigated to a level of insignificance" Kevin Jefferies is very familiar the conservancy and what happened to parks land in our community. This is an issue he cannot plead ignorance to and neither can Lake Elsinore Mayor Bob Magee a close friend of his. I look forward to our are area's coming out of foreclosure with well planned, compatible development and mitigation measures with teeth.
General Disarray January 06, 2013 at 07:27 PM
Lame claim, Michelle. Care to tell the readers how much money "RSA front man" Jeffries got from them? ZERO. They hated him as much as they hated Buster, and actively recruited Soubirous to run against him. You can blame the big, bad unions for Buster's defeat if you want, but it was simply time for him to go.
General Disarray January 06, 2013 at 07:28 PM
Except the unsubstantiated allegation that Jeffries is in their pocket--something that has absolutely no evidence behind it whatsoever.
Michelle Randall January 07, 2013 at 07:33 PM
Dear "General Disarray" aka "too chicken to put his/her name out for a real discussion", my phone rang off the hook with folks who identified themselves as " Riverside County Sheriff's Officers" promoting Jeffries and dissing Supervisor Buster as a "Cop Hater". That's just a fact. My neighbor (whose property has lowered property values in this neighborhood) was recruited by a person he says was Jeffries staff with promises of making his Code Violations go away. This is not sour grapes, but reality. The Sheriff's Association told its union members it would spend any amount of money to get rid of Buster, who's tough stand on retirement has been a long standing thorn in the Union's side. It's time to put your big-boy pants on and realize that a major part of dirty politics is the untracable and time honored I.O.U.


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