Obamacare Touted As Perfect Holiday Gift For Young Californians

Photo: Kris De Curtis
Photo: Kris De Curtis

Covered California, the state’s marketplace for the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has launched a holiday campaign aimed at getting more young people signed up for health insurance.

“Californians may find something special under the tree this holiday season: the gift of health,” stated a Covered California news release announcing the “Give the Gift of Health” campaign.

The campaign includes a web page (https://www.CoveredCA.com/pledge) where residents can make a pledge to get loved ones covered. Some family members or friends may choose to help young adults by paying for a month or more of their health insurance premium.

According to Covered California, about 1.8 million of the state’s residents between the ages of 18 and 29 are eligible to purchase insurance through the exchange or will likely qualify for no-cost or low-cost Medi-Cal.

Other gift giving options touted as part of the campaign include an e-card that can be sent to friends and family with a personal message and more information about their options for insurance through Covered California, including low-cost or no-cost Medi-Cal; or a pledge certificate that can be presented to loved ones during the holidays as a symbol of your willingness to help them get insured.

The website also features tips for starting a discussion with friends and family about health insurance.

Want to get more answers about Covered California and the state's health insurance marketplace? On Dec. 7, from 2-6 p.m., the Islamic Society of Corona and Norco located at 465 Santana Way in Corona will host a health care coverage education and enrollment fair. Experts will be on hand to explain health care options — including individual insurance plans, eligibility for federal subsidies and qualification for low-cost or no-cost Medi-Cal coverage — to residents.

Consumers who bring proof of legal residency, social security numbers for members of their households and proof of income can work with an on-site “certified enrollment counselor” or “certified insurance agent” to select a health insurance plan that suits their medical needs and budget. 

SA December 06, 2013 at 03:37 PM
Again this is a sham and strangers should not be mandated to pay for strangers …. Topics to talk about?????????? This is mind numbing …..
DB December 06, 2013 at 04:27 PM
Who is paying for this advertisement?
REPBEAR December 06, 2013 at 05:48 PM
Oh yeah, let's get their names in the system so the IRS can go after them! Bet they can't wait for higher premiums, higher co-pays, and for the bow they get $5,000 - $10,000 deductible!
AlwaysPO'd December 06, 2013 at 11:58 PM
Oh brother... King Obama knows that his healthcare agenda won't work without the young and healthy paying into it. And the folks who aren't buying it are the young and healthy. If Uncle Barry wants to give the young folks a gift, simply leaving the White House would be a great start. He's placed a huge burden on their heads already with an enormous new debt of 11 trillion dollars that is almost unimaginable and now he's bleeding their current generation for more Reid's healthcare. Just insane.


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